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Telangana Sees Record Investment of Rs. 7218 Crore in Agri-Food Industry at 2023 Food Conclave

The first Food Conclave 2023 in this city came to a successful conclusion on Saturday, bringing in investments of Rs. 7217.95 crores and creating 58,458 direct jobs in Telangana's agri-food sector.

Vivek Singh
Telangana gets a record investment of Rs. 7218 Crore in agri-Food industry at 2023 Food Conclave
Telangana gets a record investment of Rs. 7218 Crore in agri-Food industry at 2023 Food Conclave

Telangana sees to get a record investment of over 7200 crore investment in the field of agri-food at Food Conclave 2023. The first Food Conclave in the city came to a successful conclusion with Rs. 7217.95 crore in the Agri-food sector.

Telangana, according to IT and Industries Minister KT Rama Rao, was the best place to make investments throughout the nation because the State was ushering in five revolutions at once, including in the agriculture sector, meat, dairy, and fisheries. The conclave, which was joined by business leaders as well as specialists from all over the globe to talk about the most recent developments and innovations in agriculture, was officially opened.

Telangana has increased the State's fixed capital base for food processing by over seven thousand crore rupees during the past five years.

We are developing Special Food Processing Zones that will jointly bring over 10,000 hectares under fresh food processing functions to further stimulate the food processing industry in the State, he stated. He further stated that this will be implemented in industries with packaged and customized incentives.

He said the State has designated food processing as a main thrust area and promised that the Food Conclave would grow into an annual event and a must-attend location for all enterprises in the food sector. The goal of conclave aimed to establish the country as a one-stop location for the cultivation and processing of food to fulfill the demands of the rest of the globe and go beyond simply investigating trade potential. He said that when one State adopts best practices and produces commodities, other States might take note and imitate.

The Minister stated that the State received commitments to invest worth more than Rs. 7000 crores at the Conclave, developing a total of 58,458 direct jobs. The Minister also stated that the State was working on supply chain linkages, where the industry would be associated with the producers of the State by effectively utilizing the agriculture elongation structure that has been established in the state.

The Minister claimed that the State government provides each family with Rs. 10 lacks in assistance, highlighting the efficacy of one program, the Dalit Bandhu scheme, which was implemented to encourage entrepreneurship among SCs.

Additionally, the Self-Help Groups (SHGs) in Telangana offer the enormous unrealized potential for partnering with industry to mobilize farm products. He added that the State government was focused on empowering small business owners in the State and stated that it was currently fostering over 2500 small and micro businesses held by the State departments and facilitated by various welfare schemes. As a result, we have established farmer-producer organizations (FPOs) that offer plug-and-play distribution networks for the food processing sector.

He said that four people in Sircilla's Durala hamlet banded together and invested Rs. 3 crores to build a rice mill. He claimed that the rest of the nation might learn from this example of how public-private partnerships can work wonderfully for fostering microbusinesses.

The State's paddy output grew from 68 lakh metric tonnes to 2.68 crore tonnes. The industry also deemed Telangana's cotton to be the finest. In reality, when this administration took office, Vijaya Dairy, the government's dairy division, was in the red. A payout in the amount of Rs. 30 crores was recently given to the government by Vijaya Dairy. He said this is the tale of Telangana.

Telangana is the best place to be right now, according to him, with its business-friendly policies, strong and quickly expanding raw material resources, top-notch industrial infrastructure, and active assistance from our government in both setting up and running the industry most competitively. According to Rama Rao, Telangana is bringing about revolutions in both production and the development of a talent pool for the benefit of many businesses.

The Minister made fun of the BJP-led administration at the federal level by claiming that nothing will be accomplished by just increasing farmers' incomes.

It needs to be supported by laws and the economy. Telangana practises this, according to Rama Rao. Other speakers were Animal Husbandry Minister T Srinivas Yadav, Agriculture Minister S Niranjan Reddy, and others.

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