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Top 3 Scholarship Program for Those Who Need Financial Assistance Or Lost Their Parents

Here are 3 significant scholarship programs in India for those who have lost their parents or earning members of their family due to pandemic, or who require financial assistance.

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College Students
College Students

A good scholarship program can open up a student's future job options while also allowing them to pursue a specific course or program at a reduced cost. The financial aid is especially beneficial in light of the current Covid-19 issue, as many people have lost their employment during this period. Hundreds of youngsters across India have lost one or both parents, and many have been forced to drop out of school or college as a result. These scholarships are intended to assist such students in continuing their education during these difficult times.

Check-out these 3 scholarship programs, that we have mentioned below;

Kotak Shiksha Nidhi

Kotak Shiksha Nidhi is accepting applications from school and college students who have lost a principal earner in their household as a result of Covid-19 to continue their education from Class 1 through diploma and graduation level courses.


  • Loss Both parents.

  • Loss of anyone parent.

  • Loss of a family's principal source of income (other than parents)

  • Applicants must be high school or college students between the ages of 6 and 22, i.e., from Class 1 to a diploma or graduation course.

Prices & Rewards: The terms and conditions to apply. Selection & quantum of the assistance under Kotak Shiksha Nidhi, will be completely based on the fulfilment of the eligibility criteria and it will be at discretion of the Kotak Education Foundation.

Last Date to Apply: March 3, 2022

Application Mode: Via Online Mode Only!

Kotak Shiksha Nidhi: URL

HDFC Ltd’s Badhte Kadam Scholarship 2021-22

The Badhte Kadam Scholarship 2021-22, offered by HDFC Ltd, intends to support students in continuing their education from Class 9 to Graduate level (General and Professional), particularly those who have been impacted by pandemic.


  • During the pandemic, Indian students who have lost their parent(s)/earning members or whose family members have lost their employment (or livelihood).

  • Currently enrolled in a Class 9 to undergraduate program (which includes both general and professional classes).

  • From all sources, the annual household income shall not exceed INR 6,00,000 (6 lakh).

Prizes & Rewards: Upto INR 1,00,000

Last Date to Apply: February 15, 2022

Application Mode: Via Online Mode Only


IIM Ahmedabad Research Assistantship Centre for Digital Transformation 2022

Master's or PhD degree holders are eligible to apply for the IIM Ahmedabad Research Assistantship Centre for Digital Transformation 2022.


Candidates with a Master's or PhD in Management/Information Systems/Engineering/Computer Science/Mathematics other Social and Economic relevant subjects are eligible for the assistantship.

Prizes & Rewards: Variable Awards

Last Date to Apply: February 2, 2022

Application Mode: Via Online Mode Only!

IIM Ahmedabad: URL

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