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UP Govt Launches 'One-Tap-One-Tree' Campaign to Increase Green Cover Across State

As the ‘One-Tap-One-Tree’ campaign kicks off on July 1st, the people of Uttar Pradesh look forward to seeing the results of this collective endeavour towards a greener and more prosperous future.

Shivam Dwivedi
UP Govt Launches 'One-Tap-One-Tree' Campaign to Increase Green Cover Across State (Photo Source: Pixabay)
UP Govt Launches 'One-Tap-One-Tree' Campaign to Increase Green Cover Across State (Photo Source: Pixabay)

The Uttar Pradesh government launched ‘One-Tap-One-Tree’ campaign on July 1, in a bid to protect the state’s green cover and provide potable drinking water to households in rural areas. The campaign is a joint effort of the National Green Revolution Programme (NGP) and the rural water supply department (RWD).

As part of this initiative, the state government has set an ambitious target of planting five lakh saplings within a week, from July 1 to July 7. This endeavor is a crucial step towards securing a greener future for Uttar Pradesh and safeguarding the health of its residents by ensuring access to safe drinking water.

Anurag Srivastava, the Principal Secretary of Namami Gange and the Rural Water Supply Department, presided over a meeting on Wednesday, where he directed officials to organize a large-scale plantation drive during the designated week. These saplings will be planted by dedicated officials and employees of the Namami Gange and Rural Water Supply departments. The strategic locations chosen for the plantation include outside homes of households receiving tap connections, on overhead tanks, at pump houses, and water treatment plants.

To execute the campaign efficiently, the responsibility of carrying out plantation drives at the district, block, and gram panchayat levels has been entrusted to Jal Samitis and other organizations. Additionally, awareness programs will be conducted to educate villagers about the importance of conserving the environment and water resources.

The 'one-tap-one-tree' campaign is a remarkable step towards sustainable development, aiming to address two vital aspects simultaneously—environmental preservation and the provision of safe drinking water. By integrating these initiatives, the Uttar Pradesh government demonstrates its commitment to creating a healthier and greener future for its citizens.

This comprehensive campaign aligns with the larger goals of the Namami Gange Programme, which is focused on the rejuvenation and conservation of the holy river Ganges, and the Rural Water Supply Department's mission to ensure clean and accessible water for all rural communities in the state.

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