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UP Govt Plans to Install 100 Telemetric Weather Stations to Monitor Drought

By utilizing real-time weather data and advanced monitoring infrastructure, UP Government plans to enhance its capacity for early detection and proactive management of drought situations.

Shivam Dwivedi
UP Govt Plans to Install 100 Telemetric Weather Stations to Monitor Drought (Representational Image Source: Pixabay)
UP Govt Plans to Install 100 Telemetric Weather Stations to Monitor Drought (Representational Image Source: Pixabay)

The Uttar Pradesh government is taking proactive steps to tackle the persistent issue of drought in the state. Just recently, they've put forward a plan to set up Telemetric Weather Stations (TWS) in the areas most affected by drought, covering a total of 100 tehsils across Uttar Pradesh. This initiative aims to closely monitor weather patterns and effectively manage drought situations, particularly in regions susceptible to such climatic adversities.

Telemetric Weather Stations: A Much-Needed Response

The Uttar Pradesh government is embarking on the installation of Telemetric Weather Stations (TWS) across various districts. It will improve the drought management capabilities of the state. The overarching objective is to ensure comprehensive coverage of weather monitoring infrastructure, with at least one weather station slated for instalment in every district of the state. In the initial phase, the focus will be on setting up TWS in the 100 most drought-prone tehsils dispersed across different districts.

Realizing the urgency of the situation, the UP Relief Commissioner Office has allocated a substantial sum of Rs 10 crore for the installation of these telemetric weather stations. Priority will be accorded to regions facing severe drought threats, especially Mirzapur, Sonbhadra, and the seven districts constituting the Bundelkhand region. This strategic allocation of resources underscores the government's commitment to mitigating the adverse impacts of drought on vulnerable communities.

Targeted Intervention in Bundelkhand Region

The Bundelkhand region, comprising districts such as Banda, Chitrakoot, Hamirpur, Jhansi, Lalitpur, Mahoba, and Jalaun, has historically grappled with the challenges posed by drought. In light of this, the State Relief Commissioner’s office has issued directives to Additional District Magistrates (ADMs) to fasten the installation process of TWS in these drought-prone areas. By using advanced weather monitoring technology, the government aims to enhance its preparedness and response mechanisms to mitigate the impact of drought on agricultural productivity and livelihoods.

Proactive Measures for Effective Implementation

The government has instructed the concerned Additional District Magistrates (ADMs) to start the land-marking process for these weather stations to ensure the seamless implementation of this ambitious initiative. The identified sites, measuring 10x10 meters, will be strategically located at a safe distance from large buildings and trees to mitigate potential risks and ensure uninterrupted data collection.

This concerted effort underscores the state's commitment to safeguarding the agricultural sector and ensuring the well-being of its populace in the face of evolving climatic challenges.

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