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"Urgent Need for Comprehensive Agri Policy to Promote Farming in Country": Niranjan Reddy

Agriculture Minister S Niranjan Reddy stressed the importance of the union government developing a comprehensive agriculture policy to encourage farming in the country.

KJ Staff
Telangana government has been assisting farmers through various welfare schemes
Telangana government has been assisting farmers through various welfare schemes

He stated that the Centre should encourage the use of modern technologies to boost crop production, which is primarily practiced by small and marginal farmers.

Niranjan Reddy, who inaugurated the three-day Kisan Agri Show 2023 at Hitex on Friday, said that despite repeated requests from the State government, the Centre had yet to develop an agriculture policy that is critical for an agrarian nation like India. He thought it was unfortunate that India had to import pulses and cooking oil because of the Centre's lack of vision and empathy for farmers.

"The Telangana government has been assisting farmers through various welfare schemes. However, the Centre views farmer subsidies as benefits to individuals, whereas they are intended to ensure food security for its people as well as wealth creation for the entire nation," he said.

According to the Agriculture Minister, the Kisan Agri Show provides a platform for farmers to learn about farm mechanization, innovation, and modern agricultural methods, allowing them to improve cultivation, reduce crop loss and input costs, and increase crop yield.

He stated that the Telangana government was taking numerous measures to assist farmers and that they would work hard to make farm machines available to small and marginal farmers.

The three-day event drew more than 150 exhibitors, who displayed their equipment in an exhibition spread over 12,000 square metres. It is expected to bring together more than 160 companies and over 30,000 visitors from Telangana and neighbouring states.

At the SPARK pavilion, a special section for agri-startups, over 20 Agri Startups will present their new technologies and concepts. Farmers will receive information and knowledge about new technologies and innovations appropriate for them at the Gnana Kendram, which is a cluster of participants from the Indian Council of Agriculture Research (ICAR), State Agricultural Universities, and other industries.

The event was attended by NABARD former chairman Govindarajulu Chintala, Kisan Forum convenor Niranjan Deshpande, agriculture department officials, agricultural scientists, and farmers.

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