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US Trade Mission Set to Explore Agribusiness Opportunities in India

A US trade delegation, led by Under Secretary Alexis M. Taylor, will visit India from April 22-25 to explore opportunities in its agribusiness sector and enhance American product presence among the growing middle class.

Saurabh Shukla
US Trade Mission Set to Explore Agribusiness Opportunities in India (Photo Source: US Embassy)
US Trade Mission Set to Explore Agribusiness Opportunities in India (Photo Source: US Embassy)

Later this month, a high-level US trade team will travel to India with the goal of promoting American goods to the nation's expanding middle class and looking into potential business ventures in the agricultural sector. Under Secretary Alexis M. Taylor will lead a trade mission to New Delhi, India from April 22-25, organized by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). The mission comprises 47 businesses, organizations, and officials from 11 State Departments of Agriculture, highlighting the significant export potential India offers for US food and agricultural producers.

“India represents a growth economy for U.S. agribusinesses seeking to capture an increasing share of the household food purchases in the fifth-largest economy in the world,” Under Secretary Taylor said."The growing middle-class population in India, coupled with their trust in the quality of American food products, has fueled an impressive 11 percent growth in U.S. agricultural exports to the country over the past two years."

The USDA's proactive approach aims to capitalize on India's market by fostering new trade relationships and expanding existing ones. Recent tariff reductions by India for various U.S. agricultural products, including poultry, vegetables, fruits, pulses, and tree nuts, have strengthened bilateral trade ties and set the stage for further collaboration.

During the mission, participants will join in targeted business-to-business meetings, site visits, and market briefings to explore new trade opportunities, fortify existing partnerships, and gain insights into Indian consumer preferences. Notably, representatives from California, Georgia, Idaho, Maryland, Mississippi, New Mexico, North Dakota, and officials from Indiana, Minnesota, Tennessee, and Wisconsin will join Under Secretary Taylor, underscoring the nationwide significance of the trade venture.

California Secretary of Food and Agriculture Karen Ross, Georgia Commissioner of Agriculture Tyler Harper, and other state officials will collaborate with federal counterparts to amplify the impact of the trade mission. Their collective efforts underscore the multi-dimensional approach employed by USDA to benefit American farmers, ranchers, and producers.

As global trade dynamics evolve, USDA remains committed to facilitating access to international markets for American agricultural products. Through initiatives like the trade mission to India, the department seeks to not only boost exports but also to diversify market opportunities and enhance the resilience of the agricultural sector.

With a focus on observing U.S. products in the Indian marketplace and understanding emerging consumer trends, participants will collect valuable insights to refine their export strategies. By fostering mutually beneficial trade relationships, the USDA aims to boost economic prosperity for American agribusinesses while satisfying the growing demand for high-quality food products in India.

By leveraging opportunities in dynamic economies like India, the department aims to foster sustainable growth and prosperity for American producers and exporters alike.

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