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Uttar Pradesh: Indian Farmers Union Organizes Krishi Jagran Program in BHU

South Asia Regional Centre of the IRRI participated in the Krishi Jagran program organized by Indian Farmers Union at Banaras Hindu University in Uttar Pradesh.

Vivek Singh
Banaras Hindu University File Photo (Photo Courtesy: alumni.bhu.ac.in)
Banaras Hindu University File Photo (Photo Courtesy: alumni.bhu.ac.in)

The Krishi Jagran program was organized by the Indian Farmers Union, Uttar Pradesh at the Department of Agriculture, Banaras Hindu University from June 16-18, in which the South Asia Regional Center (ISARC) of the International Rice Research Institute participated. 

Through this programme, farmers of the district were informed about information related to advanced farming, state-of-the-art technology, seed protection, etc.

ISARC scientists provided information about new research related to paddy farming to the farmers who came to the program through the stall exhibition. Also, they were told how ISARC is working towards reducing environmental impact along with research, food, and nutrition security. The institute is also active in increasing the production of rice-based food systems, skill development programmes, and the development of rice-based value-added products.

Food products made from traditional rice such as black salt rice cookies, rice muesli, puffed rice, etc remained the focus of attraction among the farmers in the program. Organization Minister of All India Kisan Union Mr. Dinesh Kulkarni and other dignitaries also visited ISARC's stall. ISARC Director Sudhanshu Singh gave him detailed information about the work being done by the institute.

Appreciating the cookies made from black salt rice, Kulkarni said, “ISARC is certainly doing commendable work in rice research and development. Especially the work development of value-added products made from rice will open up new possibilities for the farmers.

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