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Vibrant Village Programme: Tourism Secretary V. Vidyavathi Holds Interactive Session with Sarpanches of Villages

The Ministry of Tourism is actively involved in the development of three Trans-state Mega Adventure Trails, with a focus on border villages included in the Vibrant Villages Programme.

Shivam Dwivedi
Tourism Secretary V. Vidyavathi Holds Interactive Session with Sarpanches of Villages (Photo Source: Ministry of Tourism/Twitter)
Tourism Secretary V. Vidyavathi Holds Interactive Session with Sarpanches of Villages (Photo Source: Ministry of Tourism/Twitter)

Secretary of Tourism, V. Vidyavathi, spearheaded an engaging and insightful session at the prestigious Ashoka Hotel in New Delhi. More than 300 Sarpanches and Gram Pradhans participated in this event under the Vibrant Villages Programme. The meeting aimed to facilitate discussions on various facets of tourism, the challenges confronting different villages, and plausible solutions for fostering tourism development.

A range of crucial topics was covered during the interactive session, including the improvement of infrastructure, community engagement, skill enhancement, and environmental conservation in the context of tourism. Addressing the attendees, Vidyavathi expressed the commitment of the Tourism Ministry to celebrate tourism festivals in these villages, asserting that the festivities need not be confined to Delhi. Highlighting the importance of adventure tourism, she underscored its vast potential within the vibrant villages.

Sustainability emerged as a key focus of the discussions. Vidyavathi emphasized the need to promote tourism while ensuring the well-being of the villages. She assured the participants of unwavering support in the endeavor to transform the villages into thriving tourist destinations under the Vibrant Villages Programme.

The Sarpanches from diverse villages shared their insights, shedding light on their respective visions for tourism development, the challenges they face, and the opportunities that lie ahead. Pema Sherpa from Nathula, Sikkim, illuminated the village's tourism potential while underscoring the significance of fundamental infrastructure like electricity and roads. The imperative of skill development was also highlighted for the sustainable growth of tourism.

Dala Naksanga from Lahllung, Arunachal Pradesh, underscored the urgent need for improved road connectivity and telecommunications. He also proposed the establishment of sports institutions to train youth in activities such as rafting and paragliding, which could further diversify tourism offerings.

Pradeep Kumar Negi from Batseri, Himachal Pradesh, advocated for the responsible development of tourism while preserving the indigenous identity of the villages. He floated innovative ideas like cable cars and ropeways to enhance the tourist experience. Thupstin Tsultim from Durbuk, Ladakh, highlighted the significance of homestays and cultural festivals as attractive tourism offerings. Digital connectivity was also identified as a crucial element for tourism development.

Dinesh Rawat from Harshil, Uttarakhand, emphasized the potential of winter sports and the creation of tourism destinations centered around yoga and crafts. He also stressed the importance of raising awareness about environmental protection. Huri Nai from Damin, Arunachal Pradesh, brought attention to the imperative of land preservation and underscored the transformative role of tourism in community development. The Vibrant Villages Programme, initiated as a Centrally Sponsored Scheme, envisions comprehensive development for identified villages situated in 46 blocks along the northern border across 19 districts in states like Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Uttarakhand, UT Ladakh, and Himachal Pradesh.

The Vibrant Villages Programme, approved on February 15, 2023, received substantial financial support from the central government, with a total contribution of Rs. 4800 crore spanning the period from FY 2022-23 to 2025-26, including a dedicated allocation of Rs. 2500 crore for road connectivity initiatives.

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