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Weather Update: Fresh spell of Snowfall Likely in Jammu & Kashmir, Delhi Experience Season's Lowest Temperature at 9.4 Degrees

Northeast Monsoon will soon take a break from heavy lashes and minimum climatic action will be seen over the South Peninsula region for the following 5 days. Another spell of downpour and snowfall is probably going to happen in Jammu and Kashmir in the following 24 hours by Friday, the MET office commented.

Chintu Das
Snowfall in Jammu and Kashmir
Snowfall in Jammu and Kashmir

Northeast Monsoon will soon take a break from heavy lashes and minimum climatic action will be seen over South Peninsula region for the following 5 days. Keeping that aside, the most recent 5 days were the rainiest for all the 5 subdivisions of Northeast Monsoon occurrence, especially for regions like Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Rayalaseema which reduced their overall seasonal rainfall scarcity significantly. 

Coming and going of the Northeast Monsoon intensity is a normal element during this time of the year. These dynamic and inert stages keep going back and forth over the span of 4 to 5 days but with differing intensity each time. The weather frameworks causing these progressions are Trough in Easterly, Easterly Wave, Cyclonic Circulation on one or the other side of the coast and Low Pressure-Depression-Cyclonic Storm shaping in the Indian seas and oceans. Significantly the Easterly wave contributes to delayed climate movement and climate frameworks over the Arabian Sea away from the coast result 'break' in monsoon. 

Dry spell in weather is expected somewhere between 19th of November till 23rd of November and the reason behind the same will be two weather highlights blending on both sides of the coast.

monsoon rainstorm depression is probably going to frame quickly over the central parts of the South Arabian Sea which will ditch the moist breezes out of the South peninsula region. The restoration for the most part happens with the introduction of a freshly formed Easterly Wave or cyclonic dissemination moving over the tropical belt. But this element is a long way from the coast and is getting formed over the Southeast Bay of Bengal and South Andaman Sea. Around 5 days will be taken to reach the coastal areas Tamil Nadu and the recovery will initiate likewise. 

Tamil Nadu’s coastal parts will begin encountering weather movement from the night of 23rd November and will keep going for around 3 to 4 days. Hefty rainfall is likely to occur during this period in few regions. Consequently the wet spell will expand and cover Kerala and Southern Interior Karnataka regions.

Another spell of downpour and snowfall is probably going to happen in Jammu and Kashmir in the following 24 hours by Friday, the MET office commented 

Jammu and Kashmir got its first significant snowfall of the period in recent times which broke an almost 4-month long drought. The base temperature was 0.1 degrees Celsius in Srinagar on 19th November 2020, while it was - 0.7°C in Pahalgam and - 5.4°C at the Gulmarg ski resort. 

Delhi weather

Air quality of the national capital was recorded in "poor" category on 19 Nov 2020 and is likely to worsen further amid a dip in the minimum temperature. On Thursday, the minimum temperature settled at 9.4 degrees, the lowest this season so far.

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