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Will Uttar Pradesh Madrasas Get Recognized This Year? Board Meeting Next Week

Last time, in the year 2015, recognition was granted to 1500 madrasas, and 100 madrasas were included in the funding list.

Vivek Singh
Representative image (Photo Courtesy: Madarsa Furqania/Facebook)
Representative image (Photo Courtesy: Madarsa Furqania/Facebook)

After nearly eight years, preparations are underway once again to grant recognition to madrasas in the state. The Uttar Pradesh Madrasa Education Board is scheduled to hold a meeting next week. This meeting will discuss the consideration of granting recognition to madrasas who have been applying for government recognition for a long time.

This information was provided by Dr Iftikhar Ahmad Javed, the Chairman of the Madrasa Board. He mentioned that the meeting will deliberate on the renewal of recognition, upgrading of madrasas, and related matters. It should be noted that in the state, around 1500 madrasas were granted recognition in the year 2015, and 100 madrasas were included in the funding list. There are approximately 16,700 recognized madrasas in the state, out of which 560 are funded. Additionally, more than 8000 madrasas are still unrecognized.

Officials Of The Minority Welfare Department Express Dissatisfaction

Accusations have surfaced against Siraj Ahmad, who works as an assistant teacher at Madrasa Darul Uloom Atiqiya in Ballia, alleging that he simultaneously holds the position of President at Jamia Anwarul Uloom in New Bazaar Tulsipur. Furthermore, there are claims that the documents submitted for Siraj Ahmad's appointment are counterfeit. Subsequent to receiving a complaint regarding this matter, Priyanka Singh, the Registrar of the UP Madrasa Board, lodged an FIR at the Hazratganj police station in Lucknow under the guidance of the Director of Minority Welfare last Sunday.

This situation has revealed the involvement of Madrasa Board employee Shravan Kumar, who serves as the Madrasa's manager and others. A proposal for taking disciplinary action against Shravan Kumar will be presented during the forthcoming Madrasa Board meeting. Nonetheless, Chairman Dr Iftikhar Ahmad Javed clarified that he had no prior knowledge of the matter before the FIR was filed.

Given that he has no connection to such cases, he intends to refrain from interfering in the disciplinary proceedings concerning UP Madrasa Board employees who instigated the FIR. It is expected that those who initiated the FIR will also need to endorse the proposed disciplinary measures.

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