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Women’s Day 2021: Women in Leadership Steal the Show at Krishi Jagran

Women’s Day 2021 at Delhi office of Krishi Jagran. Four women leaders, four teams.

Shipra Singh
Director of Krishi Jagran (KJ) Shiny Dominic (extreme right) with 4 women leaders of KJ
Director of Krishi Jagran (KJ) Shiny Dominic (extreme right) with 4 women leaders of KJ - Mousmi Bhatt, Megha Sharma, Shipra Singh, and Tanu Tomar (from left to right)

The month of March brings along fresh new blooms and, of course, International Women’s Day! And what better than having women leaders in this month? This is because the theme of Women’s Day 2021 is “Women in Leadership: Achieving an Equal Future in a Covid-19 World.” 

The theme came to life in the Delhi office of Krishi Jagran (KJ). The office has 4 women leaders for the month of March. The entire KJ employee team is divided into four teams with a leader in each. This time, all the four teams have women leaders.  

KJ women leaders
From left to right - Megha Sharma, Shipra Singh, Tanu Tomar, and Mousmi Bhatt

Their names are:  

  • Megha Sharma – General Manager (Business Development)

  • Mausmi Bhatt – Assistant marketing manager

  • Tanu Tomar – Marketing executive

  • Shipra Singh – Content Writer (English department) 

 The theme came to life at KJ office on March 1, 2021. For the whole month, these women leaders will lead their team and show them the path to motivation, self growth, and success.  

The Director of Krishi Jagran, Shiny Dominic, says, “Women have proved they can challenge any situation and master them. Let us celebrate and applaud the women power in every sphere of life this Women’s Day.” 

The air at Krishi Jagran speaks of the equal contribution of men and women employees. Do you know women are better at multi-tasking? This is because they juggle between home and work and so, multi-tasking comes to them naturally.  

Yet, there are still people who think women are a responsibility. However, the reality is that women are experts in taking responsibilities.  

The marketing Executive of KJ, Tanu Tomar, expresses herself through a poem that she has written. The following lines are excerpted from her poem:  

नन्ही सी गुड़िया बनकर जब इस दुनिया में किसी तरह क़दम रखती हैं 

वो हँसती मुस्कुराती और बड़ी होती हुई सपने सजाती नहीं जानती, 

नियति इस दुनिया की, 

अरे गुड़िया हुई हैंज़िम्मेदारी बढ़ गई हैं साहब आपकी 

चलिए संभालकर रखनापंख छोटे ही रखना 

एक बार उड गई तो हाथ आएगी 

 जनाब इस दुनिया में आने से पहले का युद्ध 

सिर्फ स्त्री ही लड़ सकती हैं! 

 (In English, it means): 

She comes in the world somehow as a small doll, 

She laughs, smiles, and sees dreams as she grows, not knowing 

The destiny she has in this world, 

Oh, it’s a girl! Now, you are burdened with responsibility sir, 

Keep her with care, keep her wings small, 

If she flies once, she would go out of your control, 

Sir, the battle that happens before coming to this world 

Can only be fought by a woman.  


Ladies, Choose to Challenge.  

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