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World Pulses Day: Sudhakar Tomar Explains the “3Ps” For “Pulses” - People, Planet & Pocket

Sudhakar Tomar, President -India Middle East Agro Trade Industry & Investment Forum (IMEA-TIIF) beautifully explained the “3Ps” with respect to the pulses.

Shivani Meena
Sudhakar Tomar presenting his views on the occasion of World Pulses Day
Sudhakar Tomar presenting his views on the occasion of World Pulses Day

The World Pulses Day in 2022 offers an opportunity to increase awareness about the nutritional benefits of pulses as part of sustainable food production, with the aim of Agri-food systems, if made more appealing and equitable to youth, have the potential to be a major, untapped source of employment possibilities. Agri-food systems are already the largest employer.

Nonetheless, they frequently fail to provide decent and meaningful labor as well as suitable livelihood prospects.

With an annual output of more than 23 million metric tonnes, India is the world's largest producer of pulses. India produces 25% of the world's pulses, consumes 27% of the world's pulses, and imports 14% of the world's pulses. Due to the relentless efforts of farmers, scientists, and farmer-friendly policies implemented by the central government over the last 5-6 years, the country's pulse production has climbed from 140 lakh tonnes to 240 lakh tonnes. We must now consider future requirements as well.

World Pulses Day this year will be celebrated for the fourth time on February 10th, 2022 (Thursday) with the theme, "Pulses to empower youth in achieving sustainable agri-food systems”. Keeping in mind the above context and to support the UN's theme of this year's World Pulses Day, Krishi Jagran hosted a live session on "Pulses to Empower Youth in Achieving Sustainable Seed Production, Distribution, and Agri-Food System" on February 10th, 2022.

Many Industry Experts presented their views in the fruitful discussion, Sudhakar Tomar, President -India Middle East Agro Trade Industry & Investment Forum (IMEA-TIIF) being one of the dignitaries who presented his views with precision as well as in a concise manner.

Sudhakar Tomar said that Pulses are a superfood or the traditional food have sustained the demand of a significant portion of the Population which is vegetarian for thousands of years. Pulses are an important part of food in Indian Diets, with all the aspects such as religious as well as from the cultural point of view, he added saying Pulses are in the Blood of Indian Population.

He beautifully explained the “3Ps” with respect to the pulses saying 3Ps stands for:

  • P-People: Pulses are important in terms of Nutritional Benefits for Humans

  • P-Planet: Pulses are important for agronomic Point of View

  • P-Pocket: Pulses are an affordable source of protein

We need to change the dietary habit, he said, and also stressed the need for youth attention to exploring this protein-rich source. Youth is important which can bring new avenues in Pulse sector with their ability of technological awareness and as well as Research and Development. The incorporation of Modern technologies including genetic engineering, biotechnology, and Nanotechnology can help to get the attention of Youth, He further added.

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