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World Water Day 2022: Raju Kapoor Supports PM Modi's Slogan “Per Drop More Crop”

Raju Kapoor the director (Corporate Affairs), of FMC India, will be moderating the webinar being organized by Krishi Jagran in association with FMC.

Shivani Meena
Raju Kapoor
Raju Kapoor

Water is one of the most important inputs for Agriculture Production and plays a very important role in achieving food security. FMC, an agriculture sciences company understands its importance and therefore, FMC & Krishi Jagran organized a webinar on the occasion of World Water Day on 22 March 2022 with the theme “Sustainable Use of Water in Agriculture”, 3.00 PM onwards.

Raju Kapoor, Director (Corporate Affairs), FMC India attended the webinar and addressed all dignitaries and eminent speakers while stressing the importance of water as well as the need for water conservation.

Raju Kapoor started the discussion with the phrase “Water is the elixir of life”.  There is an immense need to understand the importance of water & its conservation said Raju Kapoor while relating the consumption of available fresh water in different sectors. A significant part of fresh Water is utilized in Agriculture surpassing 85%, leaving behind the consumption in the industrial sector and urban areas. FMC, being an “agriculture sciences company” works tirelessly to promote water usage effectively as the whole of agriculture is dependent on water, he said.

He stressed upon the immediate need to adopt effective & sustainable use of available freshwater for the agriculture sector. “Per Drop More Crop”, a saying from PM Narendra Modi should be idealized for Agriculture production to become more sustainable, he added.

More than 50% of the Indian Region is under the red spot because of water shortage. As soon as the problem of climate change is becoming more evident, there is a clear possibility that in the coming 10 years almost 65% of the region in India will suffer from the shortage of freshwater, he continued.

All Agriculture stakeholders have a major role to play in water conservation and its smart use because all agri activities are directly or indirectly related to water consumption, he added.

Therefore, there is much need to make people aware about the sustainable use of water, not only for agriculture but also for our survival & bringing, he further added.

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