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World Water Day: Dr. Sangita Laadha to Participate in Webinar on Sustainable Use of Water in Agriculture

Among the dignitaries joining the live discussion on the topic ‘Sustainable Use of Water in Agriculture’ organised by Krishi Jagran will be Dr. Sangita Laadha.

Binita Kumari
Dr. Sangita Laadha
Dr. Sangita Laadha

As the world water scarcity rises, there is a dire need for a discussion among scientists, farmers, industry experts, and directors on how to sustainably use water in the agriculture sector have grown exponentially. Keeping this in mind, Krishi Jagran has organized a webinar on World Water Day 2022 with the theme ‘Sustainable Use of Water in Agriculture’ on 22nd March 2022.

The main topics of discussion among the dignitaries include:

  • Assessing seasonal water availability both surface and groundwater at the village level.

  • Analyze the present and future water demand for agricultural, domestic, livestock, and livelihood purposes

  • Matching the current water availability to demand

  • Choosing crops and cropping patterns based on net water availability while keeping household food security and market incomes in mind

  • Introduce water-saving technologies such as drip irrigation, sprinklers, and mulching, and encourage more water harvesting

  • A shift from a supply-driven to a demand-side management approach

To share their expertise and opinions on the abovementioned topics, Dr. Sangita Ladha is among the dignitaries joining the webinar.

About Dr. Sangita Ladha

Dr. Sangita Ladha is the Director of Rivulus Irrigation Pvt. Ltd where she has been spearheading operations with top organizations in irrigation and water management.

She received a Ph.D. in agricultural development after completing her M.tech in agricultural engineering at IIT-Kharagpur.

Precision farming, automated irrigation and water management, protected cultivation – green-house technology, agri-value chain management, and digital informatics-based agro consultancy services are among her areas of expertise.

She has nearly 30 years of experience in the design, marketing, and business development of micro-irrigation systems, as well as the development and management of practical and innovative Indo-Dutch horticulture training centers, with a focus on the promotion of green-house technology in the country.

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