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CBSE Board Exams 2019: Tips and Tricks to Score Above 90%

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will begin the Class X and Class XII board exams in February 2019.

Abha Toppo

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will begin the Class X and Class XII board exams in February 2019. As the board exams are just a month away, students are getting worried as to how to do the preparations, how to manage their time and how to score good marks. In this article we will share few tips and tricks as recommended by experienced teachers as well as board exam toppers that will surely help you in preparing for the CBSE board exams 2019.

Students must always keep in mind that an irregular and a non-systematic study can lead to loss of marks in the exams.

Here are the tips and Tricks to crack Board Exams

1. Prepare a timetable that suits you

The most important thing you need is a timetable. You should prepare a daily timetable that tells at what time you should study, practice, eat, sleep, take tuitions or coaching classes, watch TV and so on. Make sure your timetable is according to you, your body clock, your tuition timings, travel time for school and everything else. Your study timing should be set at a time when your mind is alert and active.

2. Practice and solve 10 year sample papers

Next important thing that you must do is practice and solve past 10 years sample papers. It would be best if you prefer CBSE sample papers. By solving these papers you will be able to understand what type of questions is asked and accordingly you can prepare for them. At present you may get a number of sample papers in the market hence make your selection wisely. 

3. Revise difficult subjects in morning

The best part of the entire day for studying is early morning. You can revise your difficult subjects in the morning as it is the best time to memorise things. At this time, your brain is more attentive and it will easily absorb dates, formulas, equations etc. The remaining part of the day can be utilized for learning easy or light subjects or topics.

4. Surround yourself with helpful and confident people

Already the term board is so frightening for many students hence it is better to stay with people who are supportive and guiding. These people will help you overcome your fear for board exams. Stay away from people or friends who try to scare you or misguide you and be with those who motivate you, encourage you to be better every day.

5. Study and solve NCERT completely

The CBSE prescribes NCERT books for all the classes from I to XII. Generally most of the questions asked in the board exams are either from the NCERT books or are similar to them, excluding a few of them. It must be remembered that almost all the questions in board exams come from topics covered in NCERT books only.

6. Study Daily

Student who topped the board exams said that studying at least 5-6 hours a day helped them score above 90 percent marks. If you study every day, your brain will not forget things and this will surely help you at the examination. Hence make a routine of studying at least 4-5 hours a day before the board exams.

7. Work on your paper presentation

How you write your exam is as important as what you write in your examination. Your paper must be very neat, clean, presentable and readable. Even if your handwriting is not good, you can work on making it presentable.

Points to remember in the exam hall

  • Read the question paper very carefully and with full concentration.

  • You must attempt questions that you are sure about.

  • Always use pencil and scale to draw the diagrams. Do not use pen for drawing figures or diagrams.

  • Also remember to mention the number of steps while solving the question as there is a criterion of step marking too.

  • If your writing is not good then you must write in a bigger font leaving some space in between two words.

All the Best for the board exams 2019!!!

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