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The World's Most Unique & Exotic Gardens That You Must Visit

Gardens are, without any doubt, the most loved outdoor spaces. These spots help us to stop, breathe, reconnect, and reflect on why nature is one of the most important aspects of our life. While some gardens are just beautiful, some others stand out because of their uniqueness.

Ayushi Raina
Heligan's Lost Garden
Heligan's Lost Garden

Without a question, gardens are the most popular and loved outdoor locations. These places allow us to take a break, take a breath, reconnect, and reflect on why nature is such an essential part of our lives. While some gardens are just stunning, others stand out for their individuality.

We'll take you on a tour of some of the world's most unique gardens, all of which are nothing less than amazing.

Heligan's Lost Garden

Heligan's gardens were lost to time during the beginning of World War II. The garden was rediscovered by gardeners in the 1990s when it became England's largest garden restoration operation. Today, visitors to this location may explore more than 200 acres of gardens, agricultural sites, and beautiful jungles. Explore this unique garden, thought to be lost, and wonder at the beauty of rare treasures surrounded by centuries-old architecture.

Bomarzo Gardens

The Gardens of Bomarzo, often known as the 'Park of Monsters,' is distinctive and remarkable in its own ways. According to the records, Pier Francesco Orsini commissioned this one-of-a-kind growing area in 1552 as an expression of his deepest sadness. Despite the fact that the garden is built in such a way that it terrifies and shocks visitors, it became so popular that it was opened to the public following Orsini's death.

Las Pozas (Las Pozas)

Edward James, a British surrealist, created this wonderful and exquisite art garden in the late 1940s. According to records, he recreated more than 80 acres of the dense jungle into small ponds, waterfalls, and concrete surrealist sculptures over the course of two years. You may explore the woods, which are bordered by towering arches, rare plants, and magnificent natural rock formations, while you're here.

Sigiriya's Ancient City Gardens

The Ancient City Gardens of Sigiriya is one of the world’s oldest, featuring magnificent rock faces, enormous water features, and sloping terraces. The Sigiriya castle was designed to resemble a lion, and it is surrounded by magnificent garden spaces and lush foliage. Today, this location is open throughout the year, and the garden tour will be one of the memorable experiences you will never forget!

Gardens by the Bay

The most recognized attributes of this 101-hectare park are its dazzling colours and breathtaking views.

These gardens, which include the humid Cloud Forest, surreal Flower Dome, and magnificent Supertree Grove, are particularly notable for their one-of-a-kind and excellent conservation strategy. The Supertrees light up in the evening and use solar energy to both light up and feed plants.

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