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Bayer Launches New Wheat Herbicides for Growing Season 2020

Bayer Crop Science, world’s leading seed manufacturer and Life Science Company have recently launched new wheat herbicides which will be available as ‘Luxxur herbicides’ from now on in the company sites. As per reports, ‘Luxxur herbicides’ is now available to cereals growers across the globe for the growing season 2020.

Pronami Chetia

Bayer Crop Science, world’s leading seed manufacturer and Life Science Company have recently launched new wheat herbicides which will be available as ‘Luxxur herbicides’ from now on in the company sites. As per reports, ‘Luxxur herbicides’ is now available to cereals growers across the globe for the growing season 2020.  

What is Luxxur Herbicides? 

Classified as a Group 2 herbicide, Luxxur herbicide is formulated with a precise combination of active ingredients optimized to control many grass and broadleaf weeds in spring, winter, and durum wheat fields, says Bayer officials. 

Luxxur herbicide provides exceptional control of Group 1 resistant grasses, such as green foxtails, yellow foxtails, and wild oats,” said Matt Smith, customer business adviser at Bayer, in a Bayer news release. “It also works well for controlling Canada thistle and narrow-leaved hawksbeard, which are two especially problematic weeds for growers.” 

“In trials, we’ve been pretty impressed with how well the weeds were controlled with Luxxur herbicide, even in drier conditions where the crop doesn’t canopy well,” said Carrie Pederson, a northwest sales representative at Bayer, in a Bayer news release. “We’re seeing excellent weed control.” 

Luxxur also offers rotational flexibility. “One of the main draws with Luxxur herbicide is the fact that farmers can rotate back to sensitive pulse crops, such as lentils in the following season,” said Pederson in the Bayer news release.  

Farmers can use Luxxur herbicide safely on all wheat. For optimal weed control, apply Luxxur herbicide between emergences and jointing, say Bayer officials. To maximize crop safety, growers should apply Luxxur herbicide before jointing. Spraying early helps growers maximize efficacy, tackling early emerging perennial and winter annual broadleaf weeds to help ensure a clean field, say Bayer officials. 

“I’m excited because Luxxur herbicide gives growers another option for managing weeds,” said Smith in the Bayer news release. “Problems with weeds can grow exponentially, year after year. Luxxur herbicide is a new tool we have to combat those specific weeds cereals growers are dealing with”, Smith added.  

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