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Dhaksha Unmanned Systems Pvt Ltd Launches Agricultural Spraying Drone- ‘DH-AGRIGATOR-E10’

Dhaksha Unmanned Systems addresses the growing need for advanced Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) technology by providing cutting-edge solutions that tackle various socio-economic challenges faced by people.

Shivam Dwivedi
Dhaksha Unmanned Systems Pvt Ltd Launches Another Agricultural Spraying Drone
Dhaksha Unmanned Systems Pvt Ltd Launches Another Agricultural Spraying Drone

Dhaksha Unmanned Systems, the renowned drone manufacturers based in Chennai, have introduced a cutting-edge agricultural spraying drone. Known as the DH-AGRIGATOR-E10, this drone falls under the "Small" class of battery-operated Rotorcraft category UAS and is a hexacopter. It is equipped with a sprayer payload, boasting a tank capacity of 10 liters.

The drone is powered by a Lithium-Ion Battery and has received ‘Type Certification’ from DGCA. Dhaksha has introduced its second certified Agriculture Spraying drone. Equipped with a 6S 21,000 mAh Lithium-Ion battery, this drone can complete two tank sprays on a single charge and has a lifespan of over 300 charging cycles.

Notable features of this drone include Obstacle avoidance and Terrain following sensors, as well as a Flow meter sensor for the Spray tank. It also includes an RTL feature that activates in cases of communication failure or low battery. The drone is equipped with four Flat Fan Spray nozzles, which can discharge up to 3 LPM. Additionally, these nozzles offer adjustable droplet sizes ranging from 120 to 240 µ.

“We have developed this Battery-operated drone keeping the varied needs of Agri Spraying activities. Our technology tie-up with Anna University and highly skilled product development team has helped in developing this Best-In-Class Agri drone in the SMALL category. We have invested adequately to have a world-class manufacturing facility in Chennai,” said Ramanathan-CEO, Dhaksha Unmanned Systems Pvt Ltd.​

Explaining more features about this Drone, Kannan-CMO said, “E10 drone is best suited for entrepreneurs who engage in DaaS (Drone as a Service) activities. Its battery ensures longer endurance and life which minimises the cost of spraying per acre. Its compact design and lightweight come in handy for transporting the drone on a Bike or in a Backpack bag. We have also got an Enterprise subscription which helps the entrepreneur to monitor the productivity of multiple drones. Our country-wide network of dealers can offer Finance, Insurance and Subsidy related options,” he added.

DH-AGRIGATOR-E10 Specifications:

Model Name


Category/ Sub Category of UAS

Rotorcraft/ RPAS

Class of UAS


Maximum all-up Weight

24.8 Kg ± 0.18 Kg

Operating Altitude

50 m AGL / 4000 m AMSL

Maximum Attainable Altitude

50 m AGL

Maximum Operating Speed

8 m/s

Maximum Range

2 Km (Max)

Operating Wind Condition

20 km/h


Sprayer with max tank capacity of 10 Ltrs /10kg

Propulsion System

Electric Propulsion (Battery)- 21,000 mAh

System Endurance

10 min (with max payload 10 L/10 Kg), 20 min (without payload)

Spraying Endurance

6 min (10 Ltrs.)


L: 1650 mm, B: 1820 mm, H: 540 mm (±5 mm)

Variable load/consumables

Spraying Payload: Pesticides, Nutrients, Disinfectants, Water, etc.

Communication link equipment capability

1. Transmit control commands from GCS to rotorcraft.

2. Transmit parameters of rotorcraft and payload to GCS.

Failsafe features

Hover and Return to Home in case of communication failure / on low battery.

Bookings are open for this new Drone. For more information, you can write to sales@teamdhaksha.com or call 7200897222.

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