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New Nitrogen Fertilizer to Maximize Above Ground Nitrogen Applications

Farmers can now maximize the above ground nitrogen applications of urea and UAN products. It is possible by the new nitrogen stabilizer called PinnitMax which is launched by Corteva Agriscience, the agriculture division of DowDuPont.

Tooba Maher

Farmers can now maximize the above ground nitrogen applications of urea and UAN products. It is possible by the new nitrogen stabilizer called PinnitMax which is launched by Cortera Agriscience, the agriculture division of DowDuPont.  

Available for spring nitrogen application PinnitMax prevents volatilization loss of urea and UAN applications made to the soil surface.  You can simply mix it with liquid nitrogen or impregnated onto dry urea nitrogen fertilizer granules before application. 

Tina Troester, nitrogen management specialist for Corteva said “PinnitMax helps ensure urea and UAN applications get into the root zone. It fulfills the need for better handling with aboveground nitrogen stabilizers.” 

She further added, “There are other urease inhibitor products on the market and some of the most popular products in this category can be difficult to handle. We are providing a new solution that’s user-friendly, powerful and rounds out the nitrogen maximizer portfolio for comprehensive protection of any nitrogen source used above- and belowground.” 

How It Works? 

Nitrogen fertilizer applications work when the commercial product is converted into ammonium and nitrate, which are the plant available forms of nitrogen that occurs in the soil.  Nitrogen from UAN and urea can be lost from the soil surface to the atmosphere through volatilization. Nitrogen stabilizers using NBPT prevent that volatility, giving the UAN and urea a chance to move into the soil where it is available to the plant. 

Its Benefits 

  • It is the most powerful, gallon-for-gallon, aboveground urease inhibitor with an ultra-low use rate

  • It helps in simple blending, free-flowing applications and effortless cleanup, freeing up labor and processing time for a more efficient operation

  • It has the active ingredient NBPT (n-butyl thiophosphorictriamide) 

  • It features the technology to protect any nitrogen fertilizer used. Thereby, helping farmers to fully realize yield potential.

  • Farmers and retailers can now customize their season-long nitrogen management.

  • PinnitMaxworks above ground to help get your nitrogen to the root zone, while N-Serve and Instinct technology work belowground to keep it there. 

  • The portfolio has more than 40 years of trusted experience shaping the nitrogen stabilizer category along with the most extensive university research available.

  • It builds a comprehensive portfolio of nutrient management solutions and digital services that benefit soil health.

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