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Zuari Farmhub Launches Nano Shakti Nano Urea & Nano DAP for Superior Crop Yields and Soil Health

Zuari Farmhub launches groundbreaking Nano Shakti Nano Urea and Nano DAP nano fertilizers, revolutionizing Indian agriculture with enhanced yields and eco-friendly practices.

Shivam Dwivedi
Zuari Farmhub Launches Nano Shakti Nano Urea & Nano DAP for Superior Crop Yields and Soil Health
Zuari Farmhub Launches Nano Shakti Nano Urea & Nano DAP for Superior Crop Yields and Soil Health

Zuari Farmhub Ltd (ZFHL), a leading provider of agricultural solutions, has introduced its innovative nano fertilizers, Nano Shakti Nano Urea and Nano Shakti Nano DAP, marking a major step towards sustainable agriculture. These nano fertilizers, designed to enhance crop yields and soil health, have received approval for manufacturing from the Government of India. These nano fertilizers, which were developed in collaboration with The Energy and Research Institute (TERI), make use of state-of-the-art green nanobiotechnology.

These nano fertilizers contain readily absorbed nano-sized nutrient particles that maximize nutrient consumption while reducing waste for plants.

Benefits of Nano Urea Compared to Conventional Fertilizers

  1. Enhanced Nutrient Uptake: Nano-sized particles penetrate plant cell walls efficiently, ensuring faster and more effective nutrient delivery, resulting in healthier and more productive crops.

  2. Increased Crop Yields: Improved nutrient uptake leads to demonstrably higher crop yields, empowering farmers to maximize their output and income.

  3. Environmental Impact: With no chance of fertilizer runoffs into nearby water sources, these nano fertilizers contribute to avoiding adverse health and environmental impacts.

  4. Reduced Fertilizer Usage: Significantly lower application requirements compared to traditional fertilizers result in substantial cost savings for farmers and a reduced environmental footprint.

Marketing Revolutionary Technology: Paradeep Phosphates Ltd Takes the Lead

The exclusive marketing rights for these revolutionary nano fertilizers have been granted to Paradeep Phosphates Ltd (PPL), which will market them under the brand name ‘Jai Kisaan Navratna Nano Shakti.’ This strategic move aims to ensure widespread accessibility of this transformative technology to farmers across the country.

Green Collaboration for a Sustainable Future

Madan Pandey, Managing Director of ZFHL, emphasized the transformative power of green nano bio-technology. The collaboration with TERI and Zuari Farmhub's commitment to sustainable agriculture has resulted in a technology that can revolutionize Indian agriculture, marking a significant step towards a greener future for the agri-inputs industry.

Pivotal Moment for Indian Agriculture

The launch of Zuari Farmhub's nano fertilizers is a crucial moment for Indian agriculture. With the potential to enhance yields and create a more prosperous and sustainable future for farmers and the nation, this technology represents a leap forward in agricultural innovation.

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