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Cow Dung Manure: A Look At Cost-Effective Way for Better Yields

Manoj Kumar from Pilibhit, Uttar Pradesh shares a few beneficial ways of generating cow dung manure for the betterment of crops.

Parvathy Pillai
Farmer Manoj Kumar from Pilibhit, Uttar Pradesh shares his success story. (Image Courtesy: FTJ, Pixabay)
Farmer Manoj Kumar from Pilibhit, Uttar Pradesh shares his success story. (Image Courtesy: FTJ, Pixabay)

Cow Dung Manure: In today’s time, farmers are more focused on obtaining maximum profits from their harvest. This could include using harsh techniques which could severely damage crop production. However, there are ways through which one can get good results by using natural substances.

Farmer Manoj Kumar from Pilibhit, Uttar Pradesh has shared his way of producing cow dung manure. Generally, it takes six months to procure cow dung manure from animal waste. The cow dung is stored in huge quantities on a piece of land for six months. Thereafter, it is spread on the crop field at uneven distances. Then during the ploughing season, the manure is uniformly mixed with the soil which helps the crop to grow proficiently.

However, the method shared by Kumar is different. “It takes 2-3 years to get effective cow dung manure. The older the manure, the better will be its output,” he said. He generally uses the cow dung manure prepared by him in his sugarcane farms for outstanding results.

Cow Dung Manure Nutrients

Cow dung manure is rich in nutrients such as Nitrogen 3%, Phosphorus 2%, and Potassium 1% (NPK, 3:2:1).

Benefits of Cow Dung Manure

  • Cow dung can be an excellent manure

  • Cow dung as a biogas can be used as a cooking fuel or can be replaced with conventional fuel to motor vehicles

  • Sometimes cow dung is also considered as a building material that is applied on the floors and walls

  • It is also considered as a perfect insect repellent

So, cow manure composting is a cost-effective way to manage cattle waste and produce high-quality fertilizer for almost all types of plants. However, it is to be noted that storage and management of cow dung can be challenging, and its incomplete decomposition can harm your crops and the environment.

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