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Engineer Turned Farmer: Vinston Churchill’s Inspiring 50-Acre Journey with Drip Irrigation in Sivagangai, Tamil Nadu

Vinston Churchill, a modern farmer in Sivagangai district of Tamil Nadu, blends traditional wisdom with innovative techniques across 50 acres, showcasing the transformative potential of sustainable agriculture.

Shivam Dwivedi
Vinston Churchill’s Inspiring 50-Acre Journey with Drip Irrigation in Sivagangai, Tamil Nadu
Vinston Churchill’s Inspiring 50-Acre Journey with Drip Irrigation in Sivagangai, Tamil Nadu

Krishi Jagran team recently visited the Krishi Vigyan Kendra in Sivagangai district, Tamil Nadu. During our visit to the agriculture department, we found inspiring stories of farmers practicing sustainable agriculture. Among them is Vinston Churchill, who efficiently manages 50 acres of farmland using drip irrigation techniques. Vinston Churchill, a B.Tech (Civil Engineering) graduate, chose to return to his roots in agriculture after completing his degree.

Coming from a family with an agricultural background, Vinston's journey into farming began on a modest scale in Thamarakki South village, Sivagangai district of Tamil Nadu. "During my father's time, we farmed on 10 acres. Now, I manage 50 acres," Vinston shared proudly. Embracing modern techniques, he employs advanced machinery and agricultural technology across all aspects of his farming operations.

Efficient Drip Irrigation on 50 Acres in Sivagangai District

In the rain-deficient Sivagangai district, Vinston successfully manages 50 acres of farmland using single well-drip irrigation, significantly enhancing his agricultural output. He emphasized the importance of this innovative irrigation method in optimizing water use and boosting farm productivity.

Vinston Churchill in his field
Vinston Churchill in his field

Vinston's farm is a testament to crop diversity. Depending on the season, he cultivates cassava, chilli, tomato, and seasonal crops. He also strategically grows cassava on a large scale to tackle market challenges and tap into demand across various states, especially Kerala.

Despite his success, Vinston acknowledges the challenges of marketing certain crops, such as Cassava. Managing market fluctuations and initial investments for large-scale ventures like cassava cultivation pose significant hurdles.

Sabudana (Tapioca Pearl) Plant Establishment Plan

When asked about efforts to boost agricultural productivity, Vinston discussed plans for cultivating cassava as a crop with a harvest timeline of 8 to 9 months. Considering a 12-month gestation period for cassava destined for processing, he explored the idea of establishing a cassava processing plant in the future based on insights gained from a visit to ICAR-CTCRI in Kerala.

Vinston highlighted the government's generous 75% subsidy for canal irrigation, where farmers contribute only 25%. This subsidy can be reapplied for every 7 years. Despite challenges with canal irrigation systems lasting effectively for 5 years followed by a couple of difficult years, Vinston sees this as a vital solution for sustaining agriculture in the region.

Expanding into Livestock and Aquaculture

Vinston's agricultural pursuits extend beyond crops to include poultry and fish farming. He has invested in broiler chicken farming with 14,000 chicks, managing feed, water, and maintenance services to support this venture. Similarly, with 200 goats, Winston emphasizes strategic feeding practices and annual vaccinations to ensure their health and productivity.

Vinston has developed a fish farming pond with 8000 fingerlings, focusing on native breed catfish named ‘Snakehead Murrel’ that can yield profits annually. Taking advantage of high market demand, Vinston supplements fish diets with fertilizers to optimize growth and marketability.

Vinston Churchill epitomizes the new generation of farmers in Sivagangai district, blending traditional knowledge with modern innovations to carve a successful path in sustainable agriculture. His story underscores the transformative impact of technology and diversified farming practices in meeting the evolving demands of India's agricultural landscape.

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