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“Farmers are the Maharajas of the Land,” Says Punjab Farmer Amrit Singh Chahal

Cultivating multiple crops on a 32-acre land, the farmer is also the President of the PAU Organic Farmers’ Club in the state of Punjab. Read on to know his story!

Mrini Devnani
Amrit Singh Chahal is making it big as a farmer from Punjab (Photo Source: Amrit Singh Chahal)
Amrit Singh Chahal is making it big as a farmer from Punjab (Photo Source: Amrit Singh Chahal)

Working for a 32-acre farm, Amrit Singh Chahal, President of PAU Organic Farmers’ Club has been following two major farming practices: traditional and organic. He grows multiple crops; however, he believes that wheat and paddy are the two big ones that reap maximum benefits in the state of Punjab. The most lucrative of the lot, he maintains is sugarcane.

As part of his role at PAU, Chahal ensures that his fellow farmers are trained with the right knowledge and practices. However, he voices that the MSP, commercialization, and use of water (more than what is available), remain the big challenges for them.

For many like him, agriculture is the backbone for earning a living. He says, “With 32 varieties of fruits on my farm, I am certain that farmers are the best in terms of being able to enjoy the right foods in life. They are indeed maharajas of the land: they cultivate and consume the best kinds of foods available.”

While most families in Punjab rely on farming, he has advised his son to pursue it coupled with the right education. “I have trained myself at the best universities in India to be able to contribute to the agricultural field. It has enhanced my knowledge to be able to maximize yields at a reduced cost.”

Some of the techniques adopted by Chahal on his farm are mulching and bed planting. He also uses smaller seed machinery to be able to cater to his crops effectively. “I have tried to understand the different kinds of pests. This has given me some direction on how to go about the right practices.”

Sharing his advice for fellow farmers, he says, “Learn about the various methods available for crop care. Besides, put in place effective strategies for the marketing of your crops. It is beneficial to be in the right network with the right set of people who can help with the packaging and processing of your produce.”

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