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Harisharan Devgan: Entrepreneurial Success in Farming

Drought! Loans! Rains! It often makes us see that farmers have endless suffering of lives and agriculture have no scope. But Harisharan Devgan says, though agriculture reaps the benefits as a social service, it still remains as one of the most profitable business.

KJ Staff
Harisharan Devgan
Harisharan Devgan

Drought! Loans! Rains! It often makes us see that farmers have endless suffering of lives and agriculture have no scope. But Harisharan Devgan says, though agriculture reaps the benefits as a social service, it still remains as one of the most profitable business. He took everything as a challenge and from the “tiling of the land till harvest of the crop", he started his journey as an organic farmer in the year 2001.  

Niche Agriculture Limited founded by Devgan works with a vision of driving inclusive growth to help farmers succeed. The company is utilizing customized innovative farming techniques which impact significantly in the productivity and making agriculture one of the most profitable business. 

Agriculture is being the most vital and dominant sector of the Indian economy due to its high share in employment and it is the source of livelihood for approximately 65 percent of the Indian populace to date. Farming was and will be always a major contributor to India's GDP. 

Profitability and Entrepreneurship in farming is "Not only Opportunity but also a Necessity". With the wave of social entrepreneurship ecosystem which is flowing across the various sectors of social impact, the agriculture sector is not left untouched, which prompted Mr. Devgan to start his assiduous journey in the path of organic farming bringing sustainability and innovation in the agricultural sector by establishing Niche Agriculture Limited in the year 2013. 

He believed, "Entrepreneurship is a key factor for the sustainability and survival of organic farming in an ever-changing business and increasingly complex global economy. Therefore, he had always motivated farmers to see their farms as a business and a means of earning livelihoods and profits. This will evoke the eagerness about their farm business and can be willing to take calculated risks to make their farms more profitable and grow their business.  

Mr.  Devgan is a connection and an agripreneur having high competency and knowledge to find ways for developing a profitable farming business. He geared up through his ethics and influential voice that despite many challenges like social barriers, regulations, access to information and finance, farming is a prosperous and profitable business that can lead to the successful farmer- entrepreneurs by being more technical, innovative, and competent to raise from the establishment to survival growth and profitability. 

Niche Agriculture Limited exploring the potential of social activities and organic farming demonstrated great results and future opportunities. Farming is not seen as a profitable business due to the involvement of middlemen as they sell the farmer’s crops at high prices in the markets and purchase it at low prices from them. But,he played a vital role in curbing the influence of middlemen so farmers can sell their produce at best prices which advances the potential and scope of Indian Agriculture.  

Being a humble and constructive farmer, Devgan inspires the youths to be a successful agripreneur as it is more productive and profitable. It is a vast field that will lead to the creation of new business ventures, increased agri-productivity. He is an innovator who introduces new methods of production in the field of organic farming which will open new markets. He says' "Choosing agriculture as a career and profitable business is a contemporary, opportunity-oriented and ingenious business which can ameliorate the value and can also seek modern opportunities for pursuing social values.” 

Reaping the profitability and attractiveness of being a triumphant agripreneur, Mr. Devgan believes that agripreneurship is the need of the hour in India. Niche Group of Companies can bring the potentiality of the country by tapping its resources and managing its viable elements like soil and water. A vulnerable section of the society, agriculture contributes to the national income and provides employment. Niche Agriculture Limited is diversifying its business into hemp cultivation by which Mr. Devgan is inviting youths, the “pockets of vibrancy” to do better and there lies a great scope for them and generations to come for being a successful agripreneur.  

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