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Parasram Yadav's Journey to Achieve Prosperity with Mahindra Tractors

Empowered by determination and support from Mahindra Tractors, Maharashtra’s farmer achieves prosperity.

KJ Staff
Parasram Yadav along with his family
Parasram Yadav along with his family

It is said that in every darkness, there is a ray of hope that show the right path. In the life of Parasram Yadav, Mahindra Tractor played that role. Parasram was an ordinary farmer whose primary occupation was farming, and his earnings were not enough to fulfill his and his family's dreams. But today, he is earning profits by cultivating around 90 acres of land. With his hard work and the support of Mahindra Tractors, he has also built a luxurious house at a cost of Rs 2 crore.

Parasram resides in a small village in Chhindwara, Maharashtra. He started his farming journey using HMT tractor. But it was not giving him the expected results on his farms. As difficulties mounted, he began to lose hope and considered selling his HMT tractor to do something else.

One day, Parasram shared his concerns with his nearest dealer. Understanding his situation, the dealer suggested that he should buy a Mahindra tractor. At that time, Parasram wasn’t having the money to purchase a new tractor. Recognizing his problem, the dealer offered him a 15-day trial of the Mahindra tractor so that he could assess its performance before making a decision to buy.

Parasram accepted the tractor on trial and started using it. He was highly impressed with the outstanding performance of Mahindra tractors. He observed that the quality and power of the tractor were adding new dimensions to his farming. After 15 days, he somehow arranged the money and bought a Mahindra tractor. From that day onwards, he has bought 18-20 tractors from Mahindra. 

Mahindra Tractors has created a new revolution in his farming business, and today Parasram is earning a good amount of profit. The dealer supported Parasram in every small and big problem and also provided technical support from time to time. He has been using Mahindra tractors for 22 years, and his business is touching the heights of success.

Now his sons and grandsons are also actively involved in the business and carrying forward the family legacy. The story of Parasram and the support of Mahindra Tractor is an inspiration reflecting that any dream can come true with the use of the right tools and hard work.

Three generations of Parasram have benefited from Mahindra Tractors, and the company has also witnessed the progress of three generations of Parasram. Mahindra tractor has not only made their farming simple and effective but also opened a new avenue of happiness in their lives. The tractor has changed the life of Parasram, and his family is living a happy life today. 

Making the right decision at the right time can bring positive changes in life.

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