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Software Engineer Quits Well-paid Job to Pursue his Love for Animal Husbandry; Earns Good Income through Dairy Farming

Do the work which you love, earning money is not the only goal. R Saravana Prabhu of Karur holds a Postgraduate degree in Computer Design & Manufacturing & had worked in several projects for the country’s advanced tech house ISRO. But now he is owner of a dairy farm.

P. Godha Hiranmayee
dairy farmer

R Saravana Prabhu of Karur holds a Postgraduate degree in Computer Design & Manufacturing & had worked in several projects for the country’s advanced tech house ISRO. 

“Doing what you love is the cornerstone of having abundance in your life. So, don’t settle until you find it”- Wayne Dyer. Inspired by the legend’s words, an engineer resigned his remunerative job in the IT sector to pursue his love for animal husbandry.  

Just like everyone else, he joined an IT company in Chennai for his livelihood. But he didn’t have satisfaction in the job even it was a well-paid and earning close to Rs. 1 lakh per month. Prabhu always wanted to do something different, after a long thought process, he quit his job & returned to his hometown kodangipatti in 2013 after his father’s death to pursue what he loved. With help of his friend Venkatesh Babu an agriculture graduate, he decided to endeavor in Animal Husbandry sector”. Then Venkatesh had helped him in setting up a dairy farm in the village. 

In just five years, Prabhu learnt the variations of animal husbandry & succeeded. He currently owns 4 horses, 35 sheep & goats, 20 cattle heads including native breeds such as Kangeyam & more than 30 country chickens in the farm. 

He sells A1 Jersey milk for Rs. 54/liter & A2 Kangeyam cattle milk at Rs. 90/liter. Apart from that, he sells sheep, goats & country chicken. He said that he never & ever felt regret of his decision & he also added that he may been fired in this pandemic situation due to crisis. 

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