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This 62-year-old Housewife from Kerala Earns Rs.18 Lakh From her Organic Farm

Find out how a housewife made fortune from barren land.

Kritika Madhukar
P Bhuvaneshwari and Her Organic Farm
P Bhuvaneshwari and Her Organic Farm

Kerala: An old 24-acre barren land, is now completely transformed into a mesmerizing organic farm with lush green grass. The organic farm is the outcome of years and years of hard work of a 62-year-old woman. The name of this incredible woman is P Bhuvaneshwari and she is a homemaker.  

Journey Of Bhuvaneshwari 

In somewhere between the years of 1990s, her journey began. She started with a barren land of 4 acres. She believed in herself and was confident that she would be able to make fortune from this wasteland one day. Initially, the land was full of stones and was barely able to grow something.

Bhuvaneshwari started clearing out the land until all the stones were gone. Afterward, she started growing some fruits and vegetables. She never practiced farming with pesticides and chemicals. She completely dedicated her farm to organic farming. What she has achieved today is all because of the natural farming techniques that she has adopted.  

Bhuvaneshwari belongs to an agricultural-based family. Her father started teaching agricultural practicing from a young age so, she always had a keen interest in agriculture. In the year 1995, her husband got retired from his job. He was a school teacher. With no source of income, they were desperate to find a way to earn their livings. Bhuvaneshwari decided to dive into the field of agriculture when she needed it the most.

Bhuvaneshwari attended a workshop and learned all about organic farming practices. She learned about the nourishment of soil with the use of manure.  She started clearing out the barren land and tried to revive it. Adding limestones and tree leaves to it made it possible. She bought 20 cows by taking a loan from the bank. She then started making natural fertilizers by using cow dung and urine and started using them on her farm. It took her almost 5 years to completely transform the land. Until the farm was ready, her family was making a living by selling the milk of the cows.  

Organic Farm Of Bhuvaneshwari 

Bhuvaneshwari grows varieties of fruits at her farm which include, papayas, mangoes, jackfruits, oranges, etc. Some of them are of very rare varieties and sell at a higher price. She has massive trees of these fruits grown on the farm. She also grows and sells turmeric. She also grows paddy crops such as wheat and rice which helped her earn Rs. 18 lakh last year.  

Side Businesses and Animal Husbandry 

From starting from a small farm and now owning a massive organic crop business, Bhuvaneshwari came a long way. She also keeps different breeds of animals at her farms, such as cows, dogs, hens, and ducks. She also runs a side business of selling high-quality ghee, which she sells at a price of Rs.2000 per kilo. Her skill of making natural fertilizers is helping her run another side business. She makes and sells three types of natural fertilizers. Bhuvaneshwari also does fish farming and has two ponds of fish. She mainly bred two types of fish, Cutla and Tilapia. She also earns from organizing farm tours on her land. P. Bhuvaneshwari has also taken her business to the online platform and imports as well as exports her goods all over India and abroad.  

Agricultural Practices Adopted By Bhuvaneshwari 

Bhuvaneshwari believes in the practice of agriculture without the usage of chemicals. She also adopted modern farming techniques such as high-density and intensive sustainable farming which she has already implemented at her farm. 


Bhuvaneshwari received the Karshakasree Award by Malayalam Manorama for her outstanding will and dedication towards her work. The award consists of a cash prize of Rs.3 Lakh and a gold medal. She not only found a way to provide for her family but also became a successful business owner. 

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