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12 June 2021: Top Agriculture News of the Day

Latest Agriculture News.

M Kanika

India’s tea export in fiscal 2020-2021 drops

The latest data analysis of tea board shows that the avg. price of India’s tea export in fiscal 2020-2021 fell in both value and volume, but there was increase in the unit price, as compared to the previous fiscal.  

Black pepper prices increase to Rs. 400 per kg

The price of black pepper went up to Rs. 400 per kg-level for ungarbled varieties of black pepper, after a gap of two years in the Kochi terminal market. The traders have attributed reasons for the price rise.   

China suspends import of frozen seafood from 6 Indian companies after Covid traces found on packaging

China has suspended import of frozen seafood products from 6 Indian marine export firms for a week. The decision comes after Chinese customs claimed they found traces of Covid-19 on the packaging. China has been testing imported frozen food products from all over the globe since early last year.

A 1000-year-old chicken egg found in Israel  

A 1000-year-old chicken egg was recently found in Israel. A team of archeologist from the Israel Antiquities Authority has discovered this 100-year-old-egg in a salvage excavation in the town of Yavne, while excavating an ancient cesspit. 

Monsoon is running ahead of time in Central India, says IMD

India Meteorological Department said that monsoon is running ahead of its actual time in the Central India, and is quickly catching up over the east. It may also advance, over entire country in the next 5 to 6 days. The onset date of monsoon was 30th of June in Delhi, but the monsoon arrived much earlier in the capital.   

APEDA working to promote exports and cultivation of millets 

APEDA has come up with various strategies to promote the exports and farming of millets, after seeing increased interest in the consumption of millets. In addition, there is a bumper shipment in ragi of about 18,682 tonnes, with almost double value.   

Rift within Leadership of saffron party in Punjab  

There is a rift within the leadership of saffron party in Punjab, which is becoming public for the very first time. Many of the senior leaders from the party openly supported the farmers protest and asked the Centre to repeal the laws. They said if this continues then party would suffer a setback in Punjab Assembly Elections, which is due next year.    

Samunnati congratulates winners of South Region for contribution towards rebuilding Indian Agriculture Ecosystem

Samunnati Financial Intermediation & Services Private Limited has congratulated the winners of the South Region, for their work towards re-imagining, renewing, and rebuilding the Indian Agriculture Ecosystem with new-age technologies.

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