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15-year-old boy from Maharashtra Develops App to Assist Farmers Manage Farm Equipment Remotely

Yog Suryakant Panjarale, a 15-year-old from Maharashtra's Nandurbar district started working on an IoT-based application which could help farmers like his father manage farm equipment from home.

Chintu Das
Internet of Things
Internet of Things

Yog Suryakant Panjarale, a 15-year-old from Maharashtra's Nandurbar district, noticed that his father would come to the farm at strange hours to turn on or off the motor on the tube-well, which was located nearly 5 kilometers from their home. Suryakant Panjarale's timetable remained unchanged, pandemic or no pandemic. Suryakant emphasizes the need of sticking to the irrigation schedule. 

Yog, who began learning coding from WhiteHat Jr online and has completed 132 classes until now, has other plans. He began developing an IoT-based application that would allow farmers like his father to manage farm equipment from the comfort of their own homes. Another advantage of his concept was that it may assist the farm minimizes water waste and monthly electricity expenditures. 

Somadatta Bandyopadhyay, Yog's instructor at WhiteHat Jr, encouraged him to pursue this initiative, saying, "We urge youngsters to observe problems around them and see how they might deploy coding to discover practical solutions." 

“The Internet of Things (IoTis gaining popularity around the world. It's past time for the farming community to reap the same benefits. When I showed my father the application, the look on his face was wonderful. I feel honored to have made a small contribution to making his life easier,” Yog adds. 

Suryakant, Yog's father, was proud of his son's accomplishments, saying, "Yog is a very smart youngster." He frequently joins me on my visits to the farm and is always eager to learn about the issues we encounter there. He then begins to consider how he may improve the situation. When I first saw the Farmer Helper app, I was overjoyed and proud of my son. I'm confident that everything he's learning at WhiteHat Jr is assisting him in making his ideas a reality. I'd like to see him come up with more solutions like this to assist farmers.” 

Yog has no intention of stopping here. He intends to continue investigating the realm of coding in order to come up with more creative solutions to real-world challenges. 

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