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Crop damage ensured as Madhya Pradesh farmers faced frost on their plants

Rabi crops such as wheat, opium, grams, garlic, cumin, peas, mustard, masoor are affected by frost in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

Chintu Das

The 28th of December, 2020 night brought inconveniences for farmers in light of the fact that Rabi crops wilted as plants arced after a layer of ice shaped on them. Farmers said harm of crops is certain as ice will obstruct plants' development. Rabi crops like wheat, grams, peas, garlic, fenugreek, cumin, coriander, mustard, isabgol, masoor and opium have been planted in excess of two lakh hectares of land in Mandsaur area.  

One of the farmers from the affected area said, "The condition of harvests was orderly and development was good, however because of the cold wave and ice, crops are certain to be harmed. There are reports of misfortune to cultivation crops too in Garoth, Sitamau and Bhanpura. Crops such as masoor, peas, grams and wheat yields will be harmed more. 


As per data, Rabi crops in Patela, Nimbod, Tajakhedi, Dehri, Karju, Semliya, Dalauda, Binakhedi, Akodada, Dhundhadka, Botalganj, Maliya Kherkheda, Bani, Bhalot towns have been hurt because of ice and cold wave. Malhargarh and Pipliya farmers have requested prompt surveys and relief reserves. 

Yashpal Singh Sisodia, MLA Mandsaur has conveyed concern for the farmers and has informed Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Chief Minister of the circumstance over social media. Manoj Pushp, collector of Mandsaur district said that he is taking data from the farming, agriculture and revenue divisions in such a manner will make a move as need arises.

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