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EU to Ban Ukrainian Grain & Oilseed Exports to Romania

On April 26, the Romanian Agriculture Minister Petre Daea reported that the export of grain and oilseeds from Ukraine to Romania will be prohibited by the European Commission until June 5.

Shivam Dwivedi
EU to Ban Ukrainian Grain & Oilseed Exports to Romania
EU to Ban Ukrainian Grain & Oilseed Exports to Romania

While Ukraine, a major grain exporter, has had to seek alternative shipping routes through neighboring countries due to its own Black Sea ports being blocked and later limited by Russia's invasion, Romania has refrained from implementing a ban.

However, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, and Slovakia have taken individual measures to safeguard their local markets from a surge of Ukrainian agricultural goods.

Millions of tonnes of grains and oilseeds, cheaper than those produced in the European Union and duty-free, ended up in Central and Eastern Europe, with local farmers complaining about distorted demand and pricing for local products. The European Commission announced earlier this month that it would take emergency "preventive measures" for wheat, maize, sunflower seeds, and rapeseed, compensating local farmers and only allowing grain to enter the five countries from Ukraine if it was intended for export to other EU members or the rest of the world.

Daea stated that the Commission's actions were contingent on nations lifting their unilateral bans. If a deal cannot be reached, Daea stated that the Commission will take action to prohibit exports to Romania in particular.

"Negotiations with the states are still ongoing," Daea said to reporters following discussions in Brussels and Luxembourg."Romania will be protected by a European Commission decision, and farmers will be compensated." 

On Tuesday, the European Union's agriculture head voiced confidence that surrounding countries will soon ratify an agreement allowing Ukrainian grain to enter their country for export elsewhere.

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