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Good news: Farmers of This State will get MSP for vegetables and fruits

From 1st of November, Kerala govt has announced a scheme of providing MSP to the farmers produce of vegetables and fruits which would secure them with cost of production plus 20% extra of the total market value for the particular crop.

Prity Barman

Kerala govt. announced last week that from 1st November, 2020 all the vegetables and fruits produced in the farms of Kerala would be aided with the minimum fund and will also purchase the fruits and vegetables produced by the state during massive sales drop.

The scheme is launched in order to motivate the state farmers to keep on the work of farming and try to increase the farm produce more than the last years produce (which was around 15 lakhs tonnes). The state is already suffering with the high price of the vegetables and fruits as the export from other states were reduced.

Before this scheme the state of Kerala had already initiated various schemes to increase the farm produce like the Subiksha Keralam and Jeevani. The scheme guarantees the famers with MSP for their farm vegetables and fruits, which mean the farmers, would get back the cost of their produce. The MSP would cover up the entire or the total expenditure of the farmers for the production and an extra 20% would be given out also the scheme would renew every year.

The scheme comes with criteria, first the benefits of MSP is limited to 2 acre of land for a farmer. Secondly, the farmers need to register themselves in order to check the eligibility at the official website of the agriculture department, www.aims.kerala.gov.in.

According to the State’s Agriculture Minister’s statement, Rs 35 crore had been permitted under the scheme for this year till the month of March. The state has actually set aside Rs 110 crore under the same scheme for the entire project schedule. The scheme would cover at first the most market affected fruits like the pineapples and Changalikodan Banana along with 16 other farm produce.

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