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Govt Plans Big For “Smart Urban Farming” & Animal Care

Delhi Government will launch a smart urban farming initiative under which 25000 women will get employment.

Shivani Meena
Urban Farming
Urban Farming

Finance Minister Manish Sisodia, who presented the Delhi Budget on Saturday in the Delhi assembly with the basic theme of Rozgar (employment), said that the state will generate nearly 100,000 jobs in the environment sector over the next five years, which would include 25,000 jobs for women under the smart urban farming initiative.

The government has set aside a total of 266 crores for the environment sector.

City To Get its First Government Veterinary College

Sisodia also announced the establishment of the first government veterinary college in the city. "Veterinary science is in high demand in this day and age because it not only protects the health of cattle and domestic animals, but it also protects human health by screening for and managing zoonotic diseases." Delhi has a huge number of pets that require medical attention. "To answer this requirement, I propose in the budget a new project for the building of Delhi's first Government Veterinary College for the better care of all types of animals," added the finance minister.

Big Plans For Solar Rooftops

Sisodia stated that ensuring clean air and water for future generations is a key component of the Delhi government's 2047 vision, which would also entail the development of green jobs along the way.

A new strategy will also be adopted in 2022-23 to meet the aim of increasing the installed capacity of solar rooftops to 2,500MW, with 40,000 jobs projected to be generated in the industry for sales, building work, electrical work, technicians, and engineers, according to Sisodia.

IARI To Get Involved in Government’s Urban Farming Initiative

"In cooperation with the Indian Agricultural Research Institute, the government will start the 'Smart Urban Farming' initiative," Sisodia said on Saturday.

"This will be the largest effort of its sort for any state in India," he said, adding that the Delhi government plans to hold workshops across the city's mohallas and turn "Smart Urban Farming" into a mass movement.

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