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IFFCO's Nano Urea Technology Revolution for Farm Sector: Amit Shah

In the country's first National Cooperative Conference, Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Saturday appreciated the fertiliser cooperative IFFCO's use of nanotechnology to make IFFCO nano urea liquid.

Ayushi Raina
Amit Shah
Amit Shah

Union Home Minister Amit Shah praised the fertilizer cooperative IFFCO's use of nanotechnology to create IFFCO nano urea liquid at the country's first National Cooperative Conference on Saturday.

Shah commended IFFCO for its contribution in making the Green Revolution a success in the country and for producing the world's first nano liquid urea.

"The whole cooperative community is appreciating this wonderful attempt to reform the agriculture sector for the benefit of farmers," he added, describing it as a revolutionary step.

During the conference, the Union Home Minister stated that a large organization like IFFCO makes farmers partners in its net profit, which is based on the cooperative's core mantra.

IFFCO was established as a society in 1967, with 57 cooperatives. Today, the organisation has over 36,000 cooperative members and provides dividends to about 5.5 crore farmers.

"When a large organization generates a profit, a substantial portion of it usually goes to the owner. In cooperatives, however, this is not the case. Whatever IFFCO earns today, every pie would be distributed to the households of 5.5 crore farmers, a practise known as cooperative "Shah said.

To address the unbalanced and excessive usage of conventional Urea, IFFCO developed Nano Urea (Liquid) fertiliser based on nanotechnology. This nano fertiliser was created indigenously for the first time in the world at IFFCO - Nano Biotechnology Research Centre (NBRC) Kalol, Gujarat, using a proprietary patented technology. Nano Urea (Liquid) is a nitrogen source, which is a significant critical nutrient necessary for healthy plant growth and development.

Benefits of IFFCO Nano Urea

IFFCO Nano Urea (liquid) provides manifold advantages:

• Reduces the need for conventional urea by 50% or more.

• Less is required and more is produced: One bottle of Nano Urea (500 mL) has the same efficacy as one bag of urea.

• Environmental friendly products may enhance soil, air, and water quality, which aids in addressing global warming issues and fulfilling the UN SDGs.

• It is less expensive than regular urea.

• Farmers' revenue increases as their input costs are reduced.

• Improves crop production, soil health, and produce nutritional quality.

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