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Kerala to Establish a Consolidated Fund to Compensate Farmers Suffering From Crop Loss

A consolidated fund will be established for disbursing compensation to farmers for crop loss, Agriculture Minister P. Prasad said on Friday.Climate change and global warming pose a major threat to the farm sector. Natural calamities, which have become frequent, are endangering agricultural production and economy.

Ayushi Raina
Distressed farmer
Distressed farmer

Kerala Agriculture Minister P. Prasad said on Friday that a consolidated fund will be formed to compensate farmers for crop losses. 

Climate change and global warming pose a significant danger to the agricultural sector. Natural disasters, which have become more common, are threatening agricultural productivity and the economy. After E.K. Vijayan of the Communist Party of India (CPI) called the Minister's attention to the need to support farmers who suffered crop loss in the recent rain devastation.  The fund, according to the Minister, would be established in consultation with the Finance Department. 

Loss of 451.65 crore rupees 

Prasad stated that crops worth Rs.451.65 crore were destroyed in the State between October 12 and October 28 due to rainfall-related disasters, using the initial information reports on crop damage obtained from the Agricultural Information Management System (AIMS). 

According to the Minister, the crops that have suffered the most damage including paddy, banana, vegetables, tubers, and rubber. The Agriculture Department has sped up the process of estimating losses and distributing compensation to farmers, he said. 

Control Rooms 

Control rooms are operational in the Minister's office, agriculture directorates, and in the districts for assisting farmers, assessing the damage, and ensuring immediate response. 

The State Disaster Response Fund (SDRF) would give assistance for clearing accumulated sand and silt in farmlands and restoring bunds, according to the Minister. 

Heavy rains in Kerala have completely destroyed the agricultural sector. According to a preliminary study compiled by the Department of Agriculture, a total of 60,519 farmers lost standing crops on 11,195 hectares as a result of severe rainfall and flooding. 

The early estimate of 200-crore loss is based on preliminary assessments. Officials have been asked to finish the assessment and provide full findings as soon as possible. The total loss in Kuttanad is estimated to be 18 crores.

A number of bund breaches have occurred in the region. Rain and flooding have damaged significant areas of harvest-ready paddy. 

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