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Urban Farming Initiative by CEF Group Set to Employ 5000 Gardeners

The CEF Group's objective for the upcoming three years of expansion is to involve 100,000 households. This will be accomplished by hiring 5,000 Gardeners in Delhi NCR and several other urban areas. The group plans to provide training to these 5,000 Gardeners. The central aim of the CEF Group is to enhance the prevalence of eco-friendly green spaces, promote well-being, and contribute to economic advancement.

Vivek Singh
Representative Image (Photo Courtesy: ouat.ac.in)
Representative Image (Photo Courtesy: ouat.ac.in)

The CEF Group has revealed a bold expansion plan for its "Urban Farming" project, aiming to promote sustainable waste management and green practices. Their goal is to transform urban areas into thriving green spaces through natural cultivation. The group plans to train 5,000 skilled gardeners to contribute to this initiative, creating jobs, promoting ecological sustainability, and benefiting communities.

Urban Farmer

Since its establishment in April 2022, the Urban Farmer initiative has gained traction in around 250 households across Delhi NCR. This project includes various spaces like kitchen gardens, balconies, rooftops, and farmhouses, using innovative farming techniques to cultivate a wide range of vegetables and flowers. The CEF Group's urban farming efforts aim to enhance air quality, food production, environmental awareness, well-being, and economic growth by generating jobs. The positive local community response has strongly motivated the CEF Group's dedication to this mission.

The CEF Group recognizes the importance of skilled gardeners in supporting urban agriculture and aims to create a strong platform for local skill development and job creation. Their training modules are designed to equip gardeners with sustainable farming techniques, nurturing a new generation of environmentally conscious entrepreneurs.

The expansion of the Urban Farming initiatives aims to improve residents' well-being through community gardening events, workshops, and knowledge-sharing. Technology is also a key factor, as the Urban Farmer initiative combines modern agricultural practices with advanced technology to enhance organic and regenerative farming. This integration not only improves efficiency but also makes ecologically mindful solutions more accessible.

Bridge The Gap

Mr. Maninder Singh, the Founder & CEO of CEF Group, expressed the firm's commitment to environmental conservation and global impact through sustainable practices. The Urban Farming Initiative's expansion aims to reduce carbon emissions, increase biodiversity, and positively impact the ecosystem. The initial goal is to engage 15,000 households in the first year, alongside training 5,000 gardeners to address the shortage of skilled horticulturists in urban areas. These gardeners will promote green practices, community involvement, and awareness of urban farming benefits. The ambitious plan offers advantages like improved air quality, socio-economic growth, skill development, and stronger community bonds.

The CEF Group emphasizes the power of collaboration for driving significant change and prioritizes partnerships with local businesses, educational institutions, NGOs, corporations, and government authorities. This strategy aims to expand the reach and effectiveness of their initiatives, ultimately contributing to the development of healthier and more sustainable urban environments.

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