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‘Langars’ & ‘Prasads’ to Get FSSAI’s BHOG Certifications

Delhi government has asked major temples in the city to obtain BHOG (Blissful Hygienic Offering to God) certification from the FSSAI for their ‘Prasads and ‘Langars’. This has been suggested to ensure the food safety and quality of food being served to the devotees.

Sugandh Bhatnagar
A Picture of a Langar
A Picture of a Langar

Delhi government has asked major temples in the city to obtain BHOG (Blissful Hygienic Offering to God) certification from the FSSAI for their ‘Prasads and ‘Langars’. This has been suggested to ensure the food safety and quality of food being served to the devotees. 

The goal of this certification is to encourage the religious places to adopt and maintain health standards under the ‘Eat Right campaign’. Akshardham temple and Sai Baba temple in Delhi have already been BHOG certified through proper training and audit exercise. Several other places of worship are in talks with the food safety department to get the BHOG certifications that would ensure the hygienic practices during the preparation and handling of the prasads. 

What is BHOG certification: 

  • Bhog Initiative is an innovative approach under which a particular place of worship is identified for certification. It covers the vendors selling Prasad and other food items in packed or loose forms, meals etc.

  • The validity of this certification is 2 years from the date of issue. As of now this scheme is not mandatory, the aim is to build self compliance at temples, gurudwaras and other places of worship.

  • Funding support shall be taken from the temple authority, concerned state department or corporate through CSR. 

  • In case, a major non compliance is found, state department will be asked to take action. If it still persists, a letter shall be issued to suspend the certificate till they submit compliance report.

How to get BHOG certification? 

First Audit: The temples can subject themselves to audits, by the third party agencies approved by the FSSAI to get the BHOG certification and star ratings. 

Training: Training of the food handlers associated with these places of worship by empanelled training partners under FoSTaC (Food Safety Training and Certification). 

Second Audit: In case the scores are below the satisfactory level, second audit will be scheduled. 

Final recommendation: Final recommendation by the concerned state food safety commissioner to CEO, FSSAI for certification supported by report of training and audit done  

There after the state officials will have to sustain the quality by doing periodic audit and training as required. 

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