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What is PM KUSUM Yojana and How Farmers Can Earn Huge Profits by Installing Solar Panels?

Since the past few years, the demand for solar panels has increased rapidly in India. PM Solar Pump Yojana of Modi government has been adopted by common man to rich business man due to its profitability.

Pronami Chetia
Solar Panels
Solar Panels

Since past few years, the demand for solar panels has increased rapidly in India. PM Kusum Yojana of the Modi government has been adopted by common man to big business man due to its profitability.Moreover, banks are also providing loans in easy installments for solar panels. Every farmer including small businessman can also connect with this scheme and make good income by generating electricity.

If you also want to buy solar panels, you can directly contact with the Renewable Energy Development Authority of the state government. There are offices in major cities of every state and you can directly contact with them to get solar panel at your house.

Let us know how you can sell it by generating electricity.

What is PM KUSUM Yojana?

Under PM Kusum Yojana, Modi government offers subsidies to buy solar pumps for agriculture purposes.

Apart from this, solar panels are also available in private dealers. For this, you will have to contact the authority for your loan amount in advance, as well as the form will be received from the authority office for subsidy.

To promote solar business, the Central and State Governments are constantly introducing new schemes (Government Schemes). Under the government schemes, solar plants are being provided at cheaper prices for setting up solar plants. The farmer will get subsidy on new and improved solar powered pumps. You can take a loan for this from the SME branch of many banks. This scheme will help farmers to generate electricity for their tubewells.

How Solar Pump Yojana is Helping Farmers?

The plan aims to combine solar and another renewable capacity by 2022 with a total central financial support of 25,750 MW.

Solar pumps will not only help irrigate the fields but will also allow to generate safe energy. Farmers can also sell surplus power to power supply companies. This will help them generate additional income for themselves. According to experts, this business can earn up to millions of rupees in a month.


How You Can Earn by installing Solar Panel?

There are some states where you can easily make and send electricity with the help of solar panels. These include mainly Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. For this, you have to negotiate with companies in your area.

With the help of the power grid, you can supply your generated electricity to the state government or you can also supply the electricity in your area from house to house. The bank is also giving loans at very low interest or in easy installments to install solar panels at home.

So that if a person's financial situation is not that good, he can also get a solar panel installed at his house. At the same time, you can also supply electricity to people and earn money. In the coming years, every state is bringing new schemes towards solar panels or spreading awareness among all. It is the effort of all governments that people make electricity on their own so that the electricity in our country can be saved. Moreover, it is guaranteed that you can earn a lot of money by installing solar panels at home.

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