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World Food Forum 2024 Theme Revealed: 'Good Food for All, for Today and Tomorrow'

The World Food Forum 2024 promises to be an important platform uniting stakeholders across the agrifood spectrum to catalyze transformative actions towards a more resilient food future for all.

Shivam Dwivedi
World Food Forum 2024 Theme Revealed: 'Good Food for All, for Today and Tomorrow' (Photo Source: FAO)
World Food Forum 2024 Theme Revealed: 'Good Food for All, for Today and Tomorrow' (Photo Source: FAO)

The World Food Forum (WFF) 2024, with its theme "Good food for all, for today and tomorrow," was recently announced at an event held at the headquarters of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). This year’s activities will lead up to a flagship event scheduled for October 14–18, aiming to address critical issues in the global agrifood landscape.

World Food Forum 2024: Key Highlights

  • Flagship Event Dates and Focus Areas The culminating event of WFF 2024 will take place from October 14 to October 18, featuring dedicated sessions on Global Youth Action, Science and Innovation, and Hand-in-Hand Investment. These sessions will facilitate discussions and actions aimed at transforming agrifood systems for a sustainable future.

  • Spotlight on Family Farming WFF 2024 will prominently showcase the Mid-term Forum of the UN Decade of Family Farming. Emphasizing the importance of family farming, the event will integrate youth-led initiatives, technical expertise, and policy discussions to celebrate family farming as the backbone of dynamic agrifood systems.

  • World Food Day Celebration The flagship event coincides with World Food Day on October 16, themed "Right to Foods." This year’s celebration underscores the importance of diversity, nutrition, affordability, and safety in ensuring universal access to healthy diets. World Food Day is a significant occasion on the UN calendar, celebrated in over 150 countries, and marks the countdown to FAO’s 80th anniversary in 2025.

Maximo Torero, Chief Economist and Chair of the FAO Youth Committee, emphasized the comprehensive integration of all events and forums during the WFF 2024 week. This integration aims to leverage intergenerational collaboration, partnerships, and creativity across various sectors including policies, science, innovation, education, and cultural investments.

Key Speakers & Participants

The event saw participation from notable figures including FAO Deputy Director-General Maurizio Martina and Assistant Director-General and Chief Scientist a.i, Beth Crawford. Their involvement underscores the importance and commitment of FAO towards youth empowerment and agrifood system transformation.

Role of World Food Forum (WFF)

Established in 2021, WFF is an independent, youth-led global network facilitated by FAO. It seeks to mobilize young people worldwide to actively shape agrifood systems towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The forum aims to generate actionable solutions through global youth action, scientific innovation, and strategic investments to drive sustainable and hunger-free food futures globally.

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