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Would You Like to Taste ‘Potatoes’ worth $500 a Pound?

Ever wondered that the most dynamic and versatile food ingredient – Potato could be as expensive as $500 for a pound! Yes, you read it right.

Sugandh Bhatnagar
La Bonnotte Potatoes
La Bonnotte Potatoes

Ever wondered that the most dynamic and versatile food ingredient – Potato could be as expensive as $500 for a pound! Yes, you read it right.  

There is particular type of Potato, “La Bonnotte” which is the most expensive potato in the world. La Bonnotte Potatoes are grown on a little French Island in the ocean near the city of La Rochelle.  

What makes La Bonnette Potatoes the most Expensive in the World? 

  • La bonnette, Variety of Potatoes dates back to 1920s when they were bought to Noirmoutie Island from Barfleur in Manche in Northwestern France. 

  • These potatoes are fragile & delicate and have to be picked with hands carefully, one by one, during only one week per year, which explains the high prices of Potatoes. 

  • These rare potatoes shouldn’t be peeled as the skin absorbs all the aromas and flavors of the soil and the nearby seawater.

  • La Bonnotte potatoes are harvested three months after planting and picked before they reach maturity.  

  • The flavor of these potatoes is quite complex to explain. It is slightly lemony, with a salty aftertaste and a hint of walnuts. 

  • These potatoes can be used for all courses in a meal, from soups to salads to purees, these potatoes lend a rich flavor to everything. 

  • These potatoes are special because of the type of soil in which they are grown. They grow well in light, sandy soil, rich in seaweed.

  • Additionally, being on the coast it also absorbs the scent of the Ocean. During autumn, the farmers collect seaweed from the beaches and use it to fertilize the fields.  

  • As per the local these potatoes take 90 days for maturity, and over 2000 pickers get the fresh produce ready.

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