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10 High-Profit Farming Ideas with Low Investment

Agriculture, as we know is the main livelihood of majority of families in rural and suburban areas all over the world. There are many ways to earn good income in agriculture.

Abha Toppo
high profit farming
Profitable Business

Agriculture, as we know is the main livelihood of majority of families in rural and suburban areas all over the world. There are many ways to earn good income in agriculture. If you have a piece of land, no matter how big or small it is, you can start farming. 

Hence, agriculture can be a profitable business idea if done correctly. With very less investment, you can get really good returns. Some agriculture business needs minimal investment but some require huge investments.  

Profitable Farming Ideas

Below we have listed 10 high-profit farming plans and ideas for the beginners;

Dry flower business

Dry flower business has flourished in the past few years. If you have empty land then you can grow flowers like rose, marigold etc. You can sell these high demanding fresh flowers to the florists or can dry them and sell to hobbyists or craft stores.

Fertilizer distribution

This business is really good for people who are living in small towns or rural areas. In this business, you just have to buy fertilizers from big cities and then sell it in rural regions.  This is one of the best agricultural business plans to start in rural areas.

Vegetable farming

If you have enough land and manpower then you can start with vegetable cultivation. Vegetables that are produced with good quality seeds and fertilizers give maximum yield along with good returns. The best thing is that vegetables are always on high demand as every family needs it. Hence you can think of starting vegetable farming and earn big profits from it.

Vegetable farming
Vegetable farming

Hydroponic retail store

Hydroponics is basically a new plantation technology that does not use soil for growing plants. A hydroponic retail store sells hydroponic equipment & also contains plants to be sold for both home use as well as commercial use. It is one of the high-profit farming with less investment business in the country.

Medicinal plants Cultivation

The cultivation of medicinal plants and herbs is another profitable agriculture business plan. If you have good knowledge of medicinal plants along with sufficient land, then you can easily earn big profits from its cultivation. In addition, the government is also encouraging cultivation of medicinal plants and offers subsidies to the farmers. Medicinal plants like Tulsi or basil, mint are always on demand hence if you grow these types of herbs then you can earn good income from it.


As people are becoming health conscious, the demand for honey is increasing day by day. Due to this, beekeeping is a great as well as profitable business idea. In this business, you will have to monitor the bees on daily basis with close supervision.


Jatropha farming

In order to produce biodiesel, jatropha is used as a raw material. At present, Jatropha farming is one of the most trending small agriculture business plans, as very few people know about it. The best thing about Jatropha crop is that it can be grown in a wide range of soil including poor soils, wastelands, low rainfall & drought areas.  By doing little research on it, you can easily start with this farming business.

Rabbit farming

At present, rearing of rabbits has begun on a commercial level. Angora rabbits are mainly raised for their wool and quality. Angora rabbits are the finest producers of wool on a per kg body weight basis.

Rose farming

Rose is a demanding flower with high commercial value.  It is used in bouquets & flower arrangements on a big scale. If you love gardening then you can turn it into the most lucrative business. You can start rose farming on a small piece of land. The income from rose farming will depend upon the climate, variety, yield, market demand & planting method.

Spice processing

Organic spices are in high demand in the global as well as local markets. The packaging and processing methods are not very difficult and can be started with low capital. You can choose high demanding spices like cumin, pepper etc.

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