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Best Crops to Grow in the Month of July

If you are thinking that you must have planted crops earlier. So you are not completely right. You still have some time to plant many edibles and ornamentals.

Sangeeta Soni

If you love gardening but don’t know what crops to grow and when then do not worry, we are here to help you with this. As the month of June is about to end and now one should start planning for July. Let me tell you there are many different plants and crops that you can grow in the month of July.

Garden Planning 

Everything requires proper planning, and the same is with gardening. You need to plan and organize for successful gardening like which plants are to be grown indoors and outdoors.

Before planting new seeds, you must keep a check on which plants need pruning, weeding, transplantation, mulching, etc.  

Which Plants to Grow in July? 

Here is a list of plants or crops to grow in July;


There are many varieties of tomato that grow well in warm temperatures and become mature in around 100 days, but some varieties of tomatoes can be grown in summer ending too, and take around 50-60 days to mature, so can be grown in the month of July. 

Harvesting- 80 to 100 days 


Pumpkins come in hundreds of varieties differing in size, colour, taste, and texture. Many compact varieties of pumpkin require 6-8 square feet area to grow, and July is good time to grow them. Place few pumpkin seeds in each hole and water regularly, especially when flowers and fruits are coming. 

Harvesting- after 90 to 120 days 


Cucumber can be grown in summers. Cucumbers are sown in round pits, drop three or four seeds in groups in every 12-14 inches in a row, and cucumbers naturally climb up, so give proper support through a fence, trellis or cage if wire is available. 

Harvesting- after 60 to 90 days 

Greens & Beans 

Greens and beans can be grown continuously from March to September, and can also be sown in the month of July. They love slightly warm weather, and seeds germinate quickly.  

Harvesting- after 50 to 90 days 


You can sow gourd seeds by the middle of the month. In India, gourd creeper trailing over thatched huts in villages with bright glistening white blossoms and tender, smooth, long, light green, cylindrical fruits.  

Harvesting- after 60 to 80 days

Besides these, crops like okra, sem, chilli, brinjal, broccoli, cabbage, etc., can also be grown in the month of July.  

Tips and Tricks to Follow

Do proper watering, ensure that all vegetables get a regular, and consistent supply of water for healthy development of plant. 

Stop cordon tomatoes by removing the main shoot  Make sure that you transplant seedlings on a cloudy or rainy day, and avoid in the heat of the day Provide shade to the newly sown or transplanted crops Mulch the transplanted plants with straw or shredded leaves to hold soil moisture and reduce transplant stress.  

Protection from Pests & Diseases 

Make sure to check plants on a regular basis to protect them from pests and diseases. You can handpick larger pests like caterpillars and hornworms.  

Keep your garden clean 

Keep a check on weeds once every one or two weeks 

Clean dried leaves and flowers.

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