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Keep Your Plants Thriving for Months Without Watering Using This Shoelace Hack!

It can be difficult to keep your plants properly hydrated if you're a busy plant parent. Long-term plant-watering tricks, however, aren't just for travellers. For anyone who is too busy to consistently water their plants, they can be a lifesaver.

Aarushi Chadha
This hack uses a similar technique to how long wicks for candles are typically used.
This hack uses a similar technique to how long wicks for candles are typically used.

It can be challenging to keep your plants properly hydrated, especially if you have a full schedule. However, even if you are unable to give your plants your full attention, this quick and simple plant-watering hack using a spare shoelace can help to ensure that they remain healthy and happy. You can set up a long-term watering system for your greenery that requires little effort and care with just a few basic items and processes.

What You’ll Need:

To set up this plant-watering hack, you’ll need the following items:

A shoelace

A container


A pencil or other poking tool

Using a Shoelace as a Long Wick:

This hack uses a similar technique to how long wicks for candles are typically used, except that you'll be using a shoelace. Make sure the plant you want to water has a drainage hole at the bottom of its pot before you begin. This will keep the roots from becoming flooded and help to maintain the health of your plant.

Start by tying one end of your shoelace in a knot and soaking it completely in water. After that, remove your plant from its container and insert the free end of the shoelace deeply into the root ball using your pencil or another long object. Put the shoelace's knotted end through the pot's drainage hole.

Place the plant on a shelf where the shoelace can hang down and land in a pitcher of water, then lower it back into its pot. Depending on the size of your plant, the water's volume should range from 16 to 32 ounces.

How It Works

The water will seep through the shoelace and move upward into the root ball, where the roots will eventually absorb what they require. This technique makes sure that your plant gets regular watering even if you can't give it your full attention.

Using the Hack for High-Up Plants

Anyone who keeps their plants high up on shelves inside their home will benefit greatly from this plant-watering hack. Refilling a water bucket from a lower position might be simpler if it's challenging to reach up to water a plant that is elevated above the ground. Your container and shoelace can be hidden from view with decorations like picture frames.

Using the Hack for Seedlings

It is possible to use this plant-watering trick outside, particularly for seedlings that are growing in pots. However, be sure to secure the end of the shoelace that enters your reservoir with something substantial, such as a hardware nut. This will stop it from being pulled out by the wind or animals and causing your plants' watering schedule to be disturbed.

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