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Make Your Own Potting Mix at Home and Save Money

Fertilized soil or mix for potting purposes is exceptionally simple to make at home and less expensive than purchasing it from a departmental store. Ingredients include compost, perlite or pumice or vermiculite, coco peat or coconut coir etc.,

Chintu Das

Fertilized soil or mix for potting purposes is veryeasy to make at home and less expensive than purchasing it from a departmental store. By combining and switching together a couple of ingredients, you can prepare different blends of potting mix according to the plant needs. Majorly used ingredients include composted wood bark, coco coir, compost, sand, perlite and peat moss. 

Ingredients used: 

- Compost:  

Including compost in the potting mix makes it rich in nutrition. It acts as an excellent fertilizer or it is very easy and efficient to make “Gobar ki Khaad”. 

- Perlite or Pumice or Vermiculite: 

All the three are used for improving the drainage in the mix. The major difference between the three is that Vermiculite holds moisture and Perlite and Pumice do not. If you are growing a plant that needs constant moisture, go with Vermiculite. 

Coco Peat:  

Coco peat is one of the most easily available items in Indian households. It is made from the fiber present in the coconut covers. Coco peat retains water and has neutral pH level. 

Different types of potting mix include: 

- Potting mix for succulent plants: 

Succulent plants like cactus do not thrive in soil with moisture and they also need proper drainage in the soil. If they are allowed to grow in a moist area, that will lead to problems like root rot etc. Ideal potting mix for such plants needs to be light weight with proper drainage. 


- Potting Soil (Sterilized) 

- Perlite 

- Container 


Measure and take the right amount of potting soil and mix it with the same amount of perlite in a container and mix the same with your hands. And the potting mix is ready. Pack and keep the rest of the unused soil for further usage.  

- Potting mix for seeding purposes: 

Growing plants from seeds can be tiresome and one can become frustrated easily if they do not germinate. You should take care of every detail for it to work properly. 


- Compost or Gobar ki Khaad  

- Vermiculite 

- Coco Peat 


Take 1 part of each item in equal quantity and mix the same in a container until you get an end result of uniform texture. Adding compost into the mixture is optional and can be added later as well. Seeds need moisture to germinate and nutrition can be later provided as and when required. 

Potting mix for vegetables: 

Everybody wants to eat fresh vegetables right out of their lawns. For this to happen you will need a proper potting mix that supports and takes care of all the nutritional needs for your vegetables. 


- Coconut Coir (2 parts) 

- Compost (1 part) 

- Garden Lime (1/2 cup, optional) 

- Perlite or Vermiculite (1 part) 

- Epsom salt (3-4 spoons) 

- Large container 


Add coconut coir into a container and add it with compost. Now add perlite and mix all of them thoroughly to get an evenly mixed solution. If you find the soil to be acidic in nature, add half a cup of garden lime. Now the mix is prepared and you can use it for cultivation. 

Bottom line: 

Prepare your own mix as per your requirement and use it accordingly for a green cultivation.   

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