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Profitable Method of Growing Mushrooms at Home in 3 Steps; Read its Unheard Facts & Health Benefits

What are Cremini Mushrooms? The mushrooms that we eat are mostly of the same variety and their name is “AgaricusBisporus”. Mainly mushrooms are of three varieties and they are Portobello, Cremini, and White Button Mushrooms. Interestingly, the main difference between these varieties of Mushrooms is age.

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It is interesting to know that mushrooms are a fruit part of a fungus, the same as mangoes are fruits of the mango tree. The mushrooms that we eat are mostly of the same variety and their name is AgaricusBisporus. Mainly mushrooms are of three varieties and they are Portobello, Cremini, and White Button Mushrooms. Interestingly, the main difference between these varieties of Mushrooms is age.  

Difference between Cremini Mushroom, White Mushroom & Portobello Mushroom 

White Mushroom                                                     

It is the youngest in age and is very common in urban kitchens. The texture of these mushrooms is soft.  

Portobello Mushroom 

Portobello is the most mature mushroom. They are allowed to cultivate for longer until they have spread out into that delicious meaty cap. They are also brown in color but they are larger than cremini mushrooms. 

Cremini Mushroom

They lie between the above-mentioned varieties. Their flavor is somewhat similar to white button mushroom but they are brown in color. The taste of cremini mushrooms is mild and earthy. The other names for Cremini mushrooms are “baby Bella and “baby Portobello” mushrooms. Cremini mushrooms have a firmer texture than white button mushrooms. They are used in soups and stews as they hold better in liquid.  


Health & Nutritional Benefits of Cremini Mushrooms: 

1. Less risk of Cancer:

As per recent researches, the consumption of mushrooms can be related to slowing down the growth of cancerous cells and reducing tumor size.  

2. Helpful for Cancer Treatments:

Cremini mushrooms are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that assist to protect cells. Studies have discovered the positive effects of mushrooms for the treatment of prostate cancer and leukemic monocyte lymphoma. Mushroom intake is helpful for cancer treatments such as radiation therapy and chemotherapy and lowering side effects. 

3. Healthy Heart & Cholesterol Levels:

Ergothioneine, an amino acid present in mushrooms is associated with cardiovascular benefits such as lowering inflammation, healthy cholesterol levels and preventing damage of blood vessels.  

4. Good for Diabetics:

Ergothioneine provides protection against red blood cell disorders, liver damage & diabetes 

5. Good for Lungs, Brain & Kidneys:

It lowers inflammation in lungs and damage to brain and kidneys

6. Boosts Immunity:

Mushrooms are used as a remedy for treating fatigue. Their antioxidant properties boost the immune system in the human body.  

7. Lowers Inflammation:

Nutrients such as copper and selenium are found in cremini mushrooms helps in lowering inflammation and oxidative stress. 

8. Balanced Blood Pressure:

A moderate serving of Cremini mushrooms can offer 10 percent of daily recommended potassium. A potassium enriched diet is beneficial for maintaining healthy blood pressure, protection against weak bones, better recovery from exercise, and lowering fatigue, spasms or muscles cramps. 

How to grow Cremini Mushrooms?  

Do you that you can grow Cremini mushrooms at your home or at your farm? Yes, here we will guide you that how can you grow cremini mushrooms at your home. Also, these same techniques can be applied to grow on farms as well

Step 1: Buy Mushroom Grow Kit 

You can buy a mushroom grow kit already packed with a growing medium that's inoculated with mushroom spawn. Mushroom growing kits are a good place to start if you're new to the process. You can use 14x16 inch trays. Fill the trays with the mushroom compost material and sprinkle spawn on top. 

Step 2: Correct Soil Temperature at 21°C 

Use a heating pad to raise the soil temperature to around 21°C for about three weeks or until you see the mycelium (white, threadlike growths). At this point, drop the temperature to 12 to 15°F. Cover the spawn with an inch or so of potting soil. Keep the soil moist by spritzing it with water and covering it with a damp cloth.  

Step 3: Harvesting Time 

Button mushrooms should appear within three to four weeks. You can harvest them or let them age become Cremini or Portobello. Avoid pulling up the mushrooms, or you risk damage to surrounding fungi that are still developing. Harvesting every day should result in a continuous crop for about six months.

  Is Cremini Mushroom farming profitable? 

Yes, mushroom cultivation is showing well returns all around the world for farmers or part-time growers. You can grow mushrooms all around the year except during the summer month with a low cost of production. Mushroom cultivation is also very profitable for farmers who have small landholdings.  

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