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Top 21 Profitable Agriculture Business Ideas to Start in 2021

Amid the period of corona crisis and global recession, agriculture has emerged as one of the most evergreen sector. In this article, we will discuss top 21 best Small Agriculture business ideas which you can start in India by next year in low investment.

Pronami Chetia
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Agriculture Business

Amid this corona crisis and global recession, agriculture has emerged as one of the most evergreen sector. Moreover, this sector is gradually growing across the globe and there are hundred’s of agriculture related business ideas that one can easily start.

While some agriculture business requires low investment, some may need medium to large investment. You can start agriculture related business and earn handsome income out of that. In this article, we will discuss top 21 best Small Agriculture business ideas which you can start in India by next year in low investment.

Agriculture is one of the major sources of livelihood for the people of rural and sub-rural areas of the country. This sector used to depend much on the climate for its flourishment but with the introduction of technology and science, this field too has witnessed huge development. Moreover, agriculture is a very vast field which includes forestry, animal husbandry, and fishery too. The businesses related to agriculture are quite profitable and demanding but requires passion and dedication.

Here are the list of 20+ agriculture related business ideas. You can shortlist the most suitable business idea and get quiet handsome earning.

1) Grocery shopping portal 

With the invention of technology and E-Commerce, people find it very wasteful to spend hours buying day-to-day groceries. People prefer ordering groceries to be delivered at their doorsteps. You can start E-shopping portal and become entrepreneur.

2) Tree farm

Tree farm grows trees and earns money by selling them. The waiting period of earning money in this business is quite high as the growing of trees requires considerable time. This is one of the best small farm business ideas to start. This might need some maintenance cost.

3) Organic fertilizer production

Vermicompost or organic fertilizer production has become a household business. It does not require much investment and very easy to initiate with a little know-how of the production process.

4) Business of fertilizer distribution

This business is suitable for people who live in small towns or rural areas. In this business, you are required to buy fertilizers from big cities and make them available in rural areas.  This could be one of the best small agricultural business ideas in India to start in small towns.

5) Dry flower business

The business of dry flowers has flourished over the last 10 years. If you have vacant land, you can grow flowers, make them dry and sell to craft stores or hobbyists.


6) Mushroom farming

The business of growing mushrooms can fetch you big profits in a short period of time. It can be started with low investment and it requires less space also. Mushrooms are in great demand at hotels, restaurants, and households.

7) Poultry farming

The poultry farming business has transformed into a techno-commercial industry. In the last few decades, it is one of the fastest-growing industries.  If you are looking for small farm income ideas, this could be best fit for you.

8) Hydroponic retail store

Hydroponics is a new plantation technology that does not use soil for growing plants.  A hydroponic retail store deals in hydroponic equipment and also develops plants to be sold for both commercial and home use.

9) Organic greenhouse

An organic greenhouse business has good potential to grow because the demand for organically grown products has been increasing consistently. Beforehand, this business was done on small family-run farms, but with increasing demand as people are now buying land for making organic greenhouse.

10) Beekeeping

With the increasing awareness for health, the demand for honey is growing day by day. This way, beekeeping has become a great business opportunity. This business demands day-to-day monitoring of the bees with close supervision.

11) Fruit and Vegetable export 

You can initiate the business of exporting fruit and vegetables in which you have to collect fresh fruits and vegetables from local farmers and sell them internationally. For this business, you need to know the import and export policies as well as local markets. This is one of the best agriculture export business ideas to start.

12) Dairy business

The demand for milk as well as milk products always remains high. Hence we can say that the dairy business is the most profitable agri business in India. To start a dairy business you need good capital investment and some guidance from dairy experts. But if done with full passion, it gives very good business.

13) Fertilizer Distribution Business

This business can be done easily by people living in small cities or rural areas. In the fertilizer distribution business, you have to plan to buy fertilizers from big cities and sell them to rural areas.

14) Become a florist 

Selling flowers are a very profitable retail business. Flower arrangement and bouquets are always in high demand for gifting, at weddings, etc. With some innovation and creativity. You can do wonders in this business.

15) Broom production 

For centuries, the broom has been used for sweeping up the floor and removing the dirt and dust in and around workplaces and homes. The process of broom production is quite simple and the project can be initiated with low capital investment. Maintaining a good quality and competitive prices can give you good profits in a short span of time.

17) Groundnut processing 

If you can procure good quality raw material (groundnuts) for this business, you can initiate it with moderate capital. Processed groundnuts have very good market potential all over the world.

18) Quail farming 

Quail farming is about raising quails for profitable eggs and meat. At the global levels, quail farming business is gaining importance as it fulfills daily family nutrition demand.

19) Tea plantation 

With the increasing demand for tea leaves, this business has huge potential. Tea plants typically required acidic soil and heavy rainfall, although they can be grown anywhere from sea level to high altitudes. So, if your demographic situation is suitable for growing tea, you should go in this business. This is one of the good agriculture business ideas in India that requires high capital.

20) Hydroponic Retail Store

The use of hydroponics technology is increasing very fast these days. In a hydroponics system,  plants/crops are cultivated without soil. In this business, you can sell many hydroponics equipment in one place.

21) Farming of medicinal herbs 

Growing of medicinal herbs at the commercial level is one of the most profitable agriculture business ideas. If you possess good knowledge about the herbs and have sufficient land, you can initiate the farming of medicinal herbs.  You may need to take certain licenses from local government in the case of medicinal herb business.

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