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Top 7 Websites to Buy Seeds in India

This listicle is a curation of 7 websites where farmers and gardeners can buy premium quality and high-yielding seeds in India.

Binita Kumari
Below we have mentioned seven websites that provide quality seeds
Below we have mentioned seven websites that provide quality seeds

Seeds are the most essential part when it comes to gardening, along with soil and pot. It is critical to only use seeds of high quality as they produce a better yield. However, it can be tough to find healthy seeds in India; hence we have curated this list of 7 places where you can get healthy seeds for your garden.

Top 7 Websites to Buy Seeds in India:

Below we have mentioned seven websites that provide quality seeds:


Ugaoo houses high-quality seeds that are pests and disease-resistant which makes it a favorite site of many beginner and seasoned gardeners. From indoor plant seeds to low-maintenance plant seeds, Ugaoo has a huge range of seeds to suit your garden. When you buy seeds from Ugaoo, you receive an end-to-end plant care guide for each seed instructing you through the process of growing a plant.

Sahaja Seeds

Sahaja sources more than 150 types of seeds from farmers who have been conserving them for generations, all over the country. Sahaja Seeds is a network of organic farmers, gardeners, and producers. The idea behind Sahaja is that it is an open-source system that promotes open pollination. The seeds sold by Sahaja are non-GMO, with a high nutrition value, and handpicked to enhance the flavor.

Annadana Soil and Seed Savers

Annadana Soil is a non-profit organization that focuses on sustainable farming and helps preserve India’s diverse seed heritage. They have been promoting the conservation, production, and exchange of organic seeds for the last 19 years to assist farmers in adopting sustainable and chemical-free agriculture. They sell organic seeds that are high quality and rich in nutrients.

Trust Basket

Trust Basket provides high-quality seeds of the best hybrid and open-pollinating seeds of vegetables and flowers. They sell a wide variety of seeds and planting materials for pretty much every spice, herb, flower, and vegetable. When you buy seeds from Trust Basket, you can expect freshness, better yield results, and very hygienic packaging.


Vandana Shiva, a well-known environmental, physicist, and novelist, founded Navdanya, a network of seed-keepers and organic farmers from 22 different Indian states. The network has recovered and saved thousands of organic heirloom seeds that are non-GMO (genetically modified organisms) and open-pollinated since 1987. It has also helped in the creation of 122 community seed banks (CSBs).

Nursery Live

Nursery Live sells a wide range of seeds produced all over the country. They provide seeds of avenue trees, flowering plants, Indian and exotic herbs imported vegetable seeds, and more. When you buy from Nursery Live, you can expect premium quality, well-tested seeds that come with an end-to-end plant care instruction guide to help you nurture the seed into a plant.

Annanda Soil and Seed Savers

This nonprofit organization is dedicated to preserving India's extensive and diversified seed heritage and sustainable agriculture. From almost 19 years ago, they have promoted the preservation, development, multiplication, and exchange of organic seeds of traditional heritage vegetable types as part of their work to help farmers embrace sustainable and chemical-free agricultural techniques. They brought back 57 open-pollinated seed varieties this year.

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