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This Cow Gives 800 liters of Milk, One Cow Can Make you Millionaire

In India people treat cows as their goddess, hence, there special importance has been given to milk.

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(Photo Courtesy:  Facebook/Global Gobar Partners)
(Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Global Gobar Partners)

As the consumption of milk is quite high in India, dairy farmers are always looking for cow breeds that produce large quantity of milk in a day. 

Milk is not only used to feed children but in a number of other things like ghee, curd, sweets, etc. Therefore, the demand is always high. The more milk a cow gives, the greater the demand for it.

A Gujarati cow is making rounds on social media thesedays. This cow can give eight hundred liters of milk or more after giving birth to a calf.

If two or four such cows are reared, farmers can become millionaires by selling milk. Let us tell you about this desi cow.

Indian Cow Breed

The name of this indigenous breed is dangi cow. It is mostly found with farmers in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Ahmedabad and Rohtak.

This cow is very peaceful in nature. It is a healthy breed of cow. Farmers are showing great interest in rearing this cow. 

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