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Top 7 Ways to Increase Crop Yield

The articles talks of smart ways to increase crop yield.

Shipra Singh
Lush crop
Lush crop

No one will ever disagree to the fact that farmers are the true sons of soil as they render the most essential service to our nation - putting food on our tables. And for any farmer; the annual crop yield is the most crucial aspect to life and livelihood. The overall crop yield is a firm indicator of the land’s profitability and is one of the key attributes of successful farming. Therefore, it is extremely essential for every farmer to learn the best methods of enhancing their crop yield by harnessing novel techniques and cultivation methods.

How to improve crop yield

Let us look at the seven best ways to improve crop yield:

1) Prepare your seeds before you plant them

It is essential to prepare the seed before planting to ensure the desired germination results. To exemplify this further, take the case of Groundnut. Before readying the seeds for planting, it is recommended to spray Thiamethoxam 30 FS (Shinestar Plus) so that the seeds are coated (taking precaution with the cover). This helps the plant grow stronger & absorb better nutrition from the soil. It functions as an effective vaccine against the plethora of threats faced by the plant early during germination & early growth stage. By utilizing such products, one can be confident of reaping a higher quality crop that would need relatively less input in the advanced stages.

2) A balanced diet of micronutrients is a must

While using DAP to extend nutrition to the crops is essential, we should also remember the various micronutrients that are needed in small quantities and are ultra-important to receive a good crop. These micronutrients mainly consist of Zinc, Boron, etc and are responsible for enriching the soil. Besides providing these necessary micronutrients, we also need to be clear about the various nutritional products that are beneficial.

Research indicates that Zinc 12% (Amrit Zinc) is a higher grade product as compared to Zinc 33% as it doesn't react with other products like DAP. Moreover Amrit Zinc is needed in a much lesser quantity & most essentially is assimilated at a much faster rate than Zinc 33%. So, it is important to be careful so as to extend the right product and the right nutrition.

Plants can also exhibit several symptoms of nutritional deficiencies such as yellowing of leaves, formation of brown spots/lines, etc. It is necessary to detect these signs beforehand & provide the right nutrients in the required amount at the correct time to counter plant deficiencies from damaging further.

3) Strong roots make better crops

Gibberellic acid is great for helping the crops develop a robust root system. A strong root system is extremely important for the plant as it aids the roots in soaking up nutrients more efficiently and also increases the overall crop strength. It is pertinent to adopt these high-grade products into farming practices as they lead to faster germination and a stronger crop that stands firm against diseases.

It also helps in increasing the number of flowers & therefore no of fruits in the crop. It is of paramount importance to consider that it is possible to improve a crop yield during the initial stages of plant development. Bettering the crop yield and growing multiple folds is not possible in the later stages. You can use certified Gibberellic acid-enriched products such as the Great Expert by Safex which can work wonders for heightening the crop yield.

4)  Managing pests

To control pestilence and pest attacks, it is recommended to regularly monitor the usual locations for pest detection. Vigilance during such stages is of utmost essence. You can directly confer with the leading Indian agrochemical enterprise Safex on its website for gaining know-how regarding these subjects. It is also essential to optimize each quality product only in the recommended quantities. It is important to follow the instructions to the last word to achieve a satisfactory outcome. Remember the age-old farming adage - early control is always better than late remedies.

5) Taking the advice of experts

If you are feeling confused, it is best to contact certified experts in the field of agriculture who can help you overcome your doubts. These experts can lend crucial advice on a number of farming-related issues such as a mysterious plant disease or unidentified crop pests that might be jeopardizing your field. You can contact these highly-educated and adept experts who are knowledgeable about the entire gamut of problems pertaining to the field of agriculture. To get such timely help and valuable assistance, you can contact the Safex helpline and rid yourself of every farming-related hassle.

6) Crop rotation is the vital key

The importance of crop rotation cannot be emphasized enough. It helps in breathing new life into the soil by rejuvenating it and removing excess pressure that comes with growing a single crop obsessively. It is essential to note that while certain crops absorb nutrients from the soil, there are other crops that add them. Therefore, it is imperative to balance both aspects to create a nutrient-rich soil bed for the cultivation of different crops. This proves instrumental in nourishing and nurturing the soil organically which in turn facilitates a higher crop yield.

7) Agents that enhance efficiency

Water has limited spreading ability and the medicine spray permeates only certain parts of the leaf. The experts at Safex recommend farmers to utilize best in class wetting & spreading agents like Welvet to enhance the efficacy of the spray. Using such product brings down the water’s surface tension & thus increasing its dissemination rate by an impressive 10X. Therefore, it now possible to ensure a much higher permeation rate that spreads through the whole leaf with the same amount of medicine. This consistent epidermal layering of medicine defends the plant from a variety of pest strikes, thereby, levying less effort & more cost effectiveness on the farmer’s part.

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