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Turn Crops into Cash: Best Marketing Tips to Sell Agri Products

Here are marketing strategies to help you turn your crops into cash. Keep reading the article to know more.

Shivani Meena
Selling agricultural produce
Selling agricultural produce

COVID-19 triggered supply and demand issues, as well as highlighted various agricultural marketing issues that farmers in India face. The necessity for farmers to be able to market their goods directly to customers is on the top of the list. 

The collapse in the supply chain forced farmers to trash their produce during the peak of the crisis, as food store shelves sat empty. Farms are trying to stay afloat as a result of this situation. Here are marketing strategies to help you turn your crops into cash. 

Start with a Sound Business plan 

Farmers who are exploring direct marketing or value-added enterprises should do their investigation beforehand. A business plan for farmers entails more than just estimating profit and loss. It's also critical to look at regulations for food production and packing for direct consumption. 

Merchandise Your Goods 

Shoppers see the product before tasting it at the market. Even if you have the best-tasting fruits and veggies or the freshest eggs in the market, a bad presentation will affect overall revenue. 

You must learn about effective merchandising. That's how business is done, whether you like it or not. 

Visit other markets to acquire ideas from farmers selling similar goods on a similar scale if you're not sure how to display your harvest. In your market stall, try out some of your favorite design ideas and see how customers react. 


Diversification contributes to the generation of sales at the farmer's market. Customers want to be able to stroll into a market stall and get everything they need for dinner and dessert. The more you provide, the more you will sell. 

Seek Premium Markets with Premium Prices 

Because agricultural margins are extremely thin, don't pass up opportunities to charge premium prices for fresh, local foods. Many farmers want to get into the restaurant market, which is typically ready to pay a premium for farm-to-table fare. 

Use Technology and Reach New Customers 

Technology has made it easier than ever before to reach out to customers and increase revenue. Display your products on Facebook and Instagram.  

Consider Agritourism 

You may be passing up an opportunity if you do not actively invite consumers to visit your farm. Agritourism links agricultural sales and on-farm activities that involve customers. 

Advantages of Agri-tourism 

This is a good strategy to attract people who are prepared to pay for an educational and engaging experience. 

  • Effective technique to promote your farm and other companies.

  • A chance to teach the younger generation about agriculture and rural life.

  • On-farm stores are a great place to offer value-added items like jams and baked goods.

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